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    It is quite easy to get Visitor Visa for parents. If you provide enough documents from your side and your parent show proper documents from their side, usually they will get Visa.

    What you (sponsor) need to provide?

    • Last Year’s Income-tax assessment notice or T4 for yourself

    • Last Year’s Income-tax assessment notice of T4 for your spouse (please provide this even though you have more than enough income, they sometimes asks for this even though you might be earning 100,000 per year!)

    • Current years latest pay slip for yourself
      Current years latest pay slip for your spouse

    • Photocopy of your lading papers and passport

    • One of your utility bills, just for showing your place of resident

    • One sponsor letter (not necessarily be notorized, but you can do it. (Format for sponsor letter is given below)

    What your parent should provide?

    • Their income statements

    • If farmer – copies of 7/12 and 8A (or whatever)

    • Copies of property they own

    • Job records if any.

    • Passport (of course!)

    What is best method for applying?

    Sending all papers and passport by post! For many people this sounds weird but it is true. For senior citizens Canadian government takes lot of care and they are not suppose to visit the embassy. They can, but it is not required and anyway not going to change their decision. So it is my humble advise to send application by post.

    Sample Sponsorship letter
    Nirmal Rambhai Patel
    XX – XXXX Markham Road
    Scarborough, Ontario, M1T 3H9

    Monday, August 20, 2001

    Dear Visa Officer,

    I am writing this to support Visitor Visa application of my mother Radiolabel Armchair Patel.

    My mother is a widow staying at 55 Ajaynagar Society, Ahmedabad. She likes to visit Canada and stay with our family for some time. She is good in health and capable of doing things on her own. She may like to settle in Canada permanently but would like to see it before applying for permanent residency.

    Following is further information about myself.

    ·I am a Canadian resident staying at Markham Road, Scarborough, Ontario, M1T 3H9, Canada
    ·I am staying with my Wife – Hema, two daughters Riya and Puja
    ·I am working with XXX Inc. My wife works for XXX Canada Inc. We both have permanent full time job
    ·I am confirming that I, with help of my wife, will support all expenses of my mother including stay, food, medical, insurance, travel etc.
    ·We have sufficient fund to support her expenses

    If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at my residence XXX XXX XXXX.


    Yours truly,

    Niramal Patel


    Best of Luck

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