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    It was Kanji and family’s first day at basement apartment. First in Toronto, first in Canada and first in their life. They landed in Toronto just a week ago and after staying with friend, Suresh, for a week they rented a basement apartment nearby.

    Where to sleep, was big question for them. Of course they had some money with them, but god knows how many days they have to live without job and so they were reluctant to spend money on furniture. Suresh told them that one desi is selling normal spun mattresses from home and he will deliver to your basement. That was good choice for Kanji, and he was ready to spend $130, which was his first major expense after coming to Canada.

    The two-bedroom basement apartment was totally empty. There was not anything to sit on except those two mattresses, which were laying on the floor. The guests were just coming and sitting on floor.

    Next day Kanji was walking down the street with his daughter and they saw few chairs lying on the loan at the place of garbage. His friend Suresh told them that here you will find many thing including Televisions in Garbage. Being a mechanical engineer and coming from relatively well-to-do family he was reluctant to take the chairs. After some though he said to himself – buddy go and get it, it will be helpful for people to sit.

    He slowly moved near the chairs. It was nice one story house hereby. He looked at the house if anybody it there or not. He looked at the surrounding. Seeing that nobody is looking at them, he touched the chairs. Hum the foam was torn out but it should be fine. He lifted one carefully. He asked his daughter to grab another one. Poor daughter! She never had thought that his dad will grab something from garbage! Being a good child she followed his dad and they both rushed to the basement quickly, in the fear that someone might see them tanking this. His wife – Sarita became happy to see something for free!

    And so their journey of collecting Garbage furniture started. Along with finding a job, finding garbage furniture was there next important agenda. After few days they found a soft laying somewhere. It was difficult to take it to home., without Car. Obviously he was not able to get driving license yet and so he was without Car. They thought for a while and finally came up with an idea to use shopping-cart of No-Frills. Even with trolley it was difficult but finally they managed to do that.

    At the end of the year, his basement apartment became an excellent museum. What they had? One Huge Television that was giving only red-colors, one VCR, in which once you insert a cassette, it will never come out, another VCR without play button, One Center Table, One round shaped dining table, but without chairs, large variety of chairs.

    They even gifted the GOD with garbage furniture – the temple they make was one hexagon shaped furniture, god knows for what purpose these goras are using it. They also had couple of good queen sized beds. They even had luxury to change the sofas. During this first year, they changed sofa four times! How? Well, whenever you see new sofa lying on grass, just go and grab one and put the one you have outside. They even had some jackets collected from Garbage. He even got one photocopier from garbage!

    Not all furniture was from Garbage. There is something called Garage Sale. You can really get good used things from house owner who wants to empty his garage. He was able to get good items like Iron, Mixer, and Some utensils. Toys for kids, skating shoes, tennis racket etc.

    Year passed and he was fed-up with all this garbage things. He was settling down in the job and this wife was also doing regular job.

    Finally a day came when he changed all furniture with new one!

    Still he likes that old free furniture much more that the current one!


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