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  • Enhance Investment Returns by Maximizing Tax Efficiency

    By singh_planner

    If you’re like many Canadians, you’re
    already investing outside your RSP. This is
    a wise investment and tax strategy considering
    that RSP contribution limits cap the
    amount you can contribute into an RSP.
    As a result, your RSP may not be sufficient
    to supply the total amount of money you
    need for the retirement lifestyle you want.
    A mix of non-registered investments can
    make up the shortfall—but only when
    fully integrated with your overall asset
    allocation and tax management plan.

    All investment income earned outside a
    registered plan must be reported annually
    on your tax return. But you can minimize
    or defer tax on that income through your
    choice of non-registered investments.

    Interest income is taxed at the highest
    rate. Alternatively, just 50 cents of every
    dollar of realized net capital gains is
    taxable and, because capital gains are
    taxed usually only when you sell your
    investments, you control when you pay
    tax on those gains. You can defer capital
    gains taxes for years by choosing to sell
    these investments at a time when it’s most
    advantageous for you (i.e. in a year when
    you expect your income will be lower than
    it is today).

    As you can see, if you are in a higher
    tax bracket, investment income that
    is taxed as capital gains provides a
    significant advantage to your returns
    on an after-tax basis. This is where the
    benefits of a tax-advantaged fund
    structure for your non-registered portfolio
    can provide big rewards. Unlike most
    common mutual funds, which trigger
    tax consequences any time you switch
    from one non-registered fund to another,
    Investors Group Corporate Class Inc.™
    funds are treated as a single entity for tax
    purposes. This feature allows you to move
    assets freely among share classes while
    deferring capital gains taxes. As a result,
    you can review the regional and sector
    weighting of your portfolio without the
    need to worry about the tax
    consequences. Over time, it’s this tax
    deferral feature that allows you to
    accumulate more wealth than if you
    had to pay tax on your gains each time
    you reallocated assets.

    Investing within a tax-advantaged
    structure such as Investors Group
    Corporate Class Inc.™ makes it easier
    than ever to access the right tools to
    help you build your wealth.

    Investors Group Corporate Class Inc.
    features over eight premier investment
    managers and offers you the flexibility
    to move freely among over 40 classes–
    the largest industry offering of tax –
    advantaged funds available. Investors
    Group Corporate Class Inc. also features
    two capital yield classes that fully support
    a truly balanced, and appropriately
    diversified portfolio.

    To learn more about how the funds
    offered by Investors Group Corporate
    Class Inc. can help you build your wealth
    in the most tax-efficient manner possible,
    or to explore other tax efficient investment
    alternatives, give me a call today.

    Investors Group
    601-2345 Yonge St
    Toronto ON M4P 2E5
    (416)-483-7667 Ext.526


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