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    Having been in Canada for almost 3 yrs now, I have seen frustations of many a people, Desi or firangi, professional or graduate only, north or south Indian etc. etc.

    The whole things boils down to two things - what did you expect from Canada, and how did you plan to achieve it. And based on these 2 things, the final thing is - what are you willing to do after having come here. People have different reasons, different backgrounds, and definitely, different expectations!

    Having moved to different countries five times , and having travelled to a dozen or so countries around the globe before coming to Canada, initial settling down procedures was a breeze for us - whether it be SIN, or drivers test or finding our way around thru bus, subway or even rental cars. What was really difficult was - finding a suitable occupation. And the reason was - what was recognised by the Immigration dept as good qualification or experience to settle down in Canada and help it grow, was not good enough for Canadian employers.

    Well, I DON'T THINK EMPLOYERS ARE WRONG when they require you to have Canadian experience - by that they do not mean whether or not you have the technical knowledge required in Canada; they mean more of social skills and learning the silly ways of doing things in Canada. You have to realize that though you might have more knowledge or experience to do things in a better manner, what counts is "are you able to do it in as silly a manner as we do it and as we understand it?" And therefore they need people with Canadian experience - so that they speak the same language as Canadians, they understand that your food might have basmati rice, but it smells to them, that you might be ready to go out of your way to achieve results in time or help a colleague in his work, but you should not do so - because emotions and human bondage is not a way of life in Canada.

    We all know that:
    1. the medical help is absolutely lousy here
    2. the education system is plagued by govt.'s lack of funding and laws of "untouchability", work to rule, etc. etc.
    3. the racism is clearly and bluntly evident
    4. corruption is of no less order than in India
    5. family values have very very low priority in Canadian culture
    6. temperatures are extreme here
    7. crime is quite common here
    8. cost of living compared to gross salaries is very high
    9. taxes are one of the highest (or highest??) in the world
    10. etc. etc. etc. etc. ............

    and so there is no use discussing the obvious and rhetoric.

    After almost three years here, my conclusion is that Canada is in need of coloured labour force who can do the dirty work for the "earlier white immigrants" (they THINK they are Canadians, and we are immigrants!), and not for anyone who has/ had (in India or anywhere outside of Canada):

    a. a professional qualification, or
    b. good work experience at supervisory level or higher
    c. a car
    d. a house or aparment in a small/big city
    e. children attending school
    f. a social status, networking,
    g. a place to call home!

    i) are you dissatisfied to the extent you can't help but keep complaining?
    ii) are you not getting what you had dreamt of a life in Canada?

    THEN WHY DON'T YOU GO BACK? All the reasons you might give (social face saving, children's education, no immediate job back home etc.etc.) are just excuses. Once you are sure you are not getting what you expected, and you can't change the Canadians, do yourself a favour - GO BACK, and tell your friends not to make such mistakes as you did.

    Before I voluntarily resigned, till yesterday I had a job of a senior manager in a manufacturing company in toronto, with good prospects of rising in the organisation and getting reasonable financial rewards to lead a comfortable life with remuneration of my wife as a teacher in York School Board - but I have had enough of it - I DO NOT WANT TO CHANGE MY NAME FROM CHANDRESH TO CHARLES - AND MY WIFE DOES NOT LIKE SENDING A CHILD TO SOCIAL WORKER WITHOUT FIRST TRYING TO SORT OUT PROBLEMS WITH THE CHILD AND HIS FAMILY AND SHOWING THAT SHE REALLY CARES - and next month I am leaving this country - even without getting citizenship - BECAUSE THIS IS NOT THE KIND OF LIFE I WANT!



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