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    Hi everyone...

    I am new to this website ...I stumbled across it when I was looking to get information about Canada.
    Let me just complement everyone on having such a great site for desi's (even if its originally for Canadian desi's).

    Anyway I will get to my point ...I am a married woman with two young children living in the UK. Recently my husband and I have been discussing moving out of the country and immigrating to Canada.

    Why Canada? You ask.... well to be totally honest we don't really know. It just seems like a nice country to live in I suppose. Of what we have seen of the different sceneries in the Indian movies, it seems so beautiful!

    Anyway I bet you are asking why we want to move away from a country where all desi's die to immigrate to...!
    To be totally honest my husband and I have had enough of this country, and the true reason behind this is- we have had enough of our extended family that seem to be living in our pockets!

    I don't know if any of you ever feel they way we do. Sometimes it feels like you are being suffocated by your family, everywhere you turn they are there watching your every move. Don't get me wrong we do love our family...but it's just that everything you do, you always have to ask permission (even though we are grown adults with 2 kids!!), or if not permission you have to consider their feelings e.g. on your days off if you go somewhere to enjoy yourself with your immediate family you have to ask the extended family if they want to join you just incase they get upset!!! Or maybe if you buy something for your child, the question always arises that why didn't you buy the same for the other child- (who is you nephew or niece!!!).

    As you can most probably guess that coz' I am a housewife I am most probably talking about my in laws...and you are right! I am probably one of the lucky wives where my husband can see for himself what his family is all about and I don't actually have to moan at him about anything!!!

    Anyway getting back to the point.why we chose to move to 'Canada the country ‘ we thought we will have good opportunities there, we know that there is a growing asian society there and we won't miss out on our cultural background. We also heard from other sources that the education system is good out there too!!

    But the big BUT now is that I have been ready some articles in this website which has started to put me off the idea!!! There seems to be a lot of desi's who are not happy with Canada! So tell me everyone should we move to Canada or not? 

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