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    By gopalpai

    We are new immigrants to canada, just landed 2 months back in toronto. Before coming to canada, I have been in touch with my elder sister's best childhood friend.She had warned us about luck in job, but we thought about our children future and for their betterment, we came to canada. Like everybody, we are also facing tough time with all the difficulties others are facing initally.Like everybody,we also feel, here people don't know to give proper help and everybody,we are also applying continously on internet till 3 am and are getting few replies.Just for your information we were quite well off and my husband being electrical engineer with 15 years of experience in maintenence and trouble shooting in one of the best company in UAE who built hangers and mall of emirates and dubai airport etc and he also my husband had business of making control panel seeing specifications and I was running accomodation/paying guest business.We have two small children one 7 and other 2 years old.Even we are facing frustration and pessimistic sometimes imagining as to whether we are thinking too much about our children future instead of living for today and enjoying today. To summarise everything here are few things that is worth noticing:

    first and foremost, canada is supposed to be democratic country, then, where are jobs listed. In my opinion, jobs should be listed in major newspapers/employment agencies/government employment agencies etc.

    secondly most important things to be noticed is the crime rate which is very high in canada, which is not brought to anybody notice. I am sure, if people knew before, they will never migrate to such unsafe and crime rated country even if the opportunities are good. See, everyday there is murder,crime etc.

    thirdly what nonsense is this about referrals,hidden job market etc. In that case, canadian govt should close down all the human resources and not waste their money on such inefficient human resources which is there in nook and corner doing nothing but giving internet and counselling advise which is of no use.Instead govt should use these funds to create new job opportunities.

    Here people have business ideas but no guidance how to go about it. Now if I wish to start some business for eg coin laundry which is rare. say everything or every business is rare for that matter.In one areas, there is one food basic,coin laundry,pizza pizza,salon,dollar shop etc. Can't we have 2-3 coin laundry,food store etc so, that there is competitiveness.

    surprisingly no home services of supermarket,laundry, why? A person with small infant children will find it difficult to survive in such country with no help and to top it, we can't leave children for one minute also.Here candaian govt has to improve on such things and encourage small business or enterprenuers. In fact, whenever a building is constructed, it should have ground level all galas to have every single business like restaurant/grocery/saloon/laundry/cycle repairs/computer repair/mobile repair/furniture shop. which will surely make people life easier. (here canada has to learn from India/asian/UAE). I mean development in such area.

    last but not the least, here in canadian people are lethargic,not competitive and too relaxing for my taste. there is no cut throat competition in any form and no survival of the fittest attitude. all countries are exporting to other countries, do we find canadian products anywhere. no. canada is not interested in their own development.surprising and shocking. 

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