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    Hi, I am Yogesh from Vancouver.

    While I came to Vancouver on July 28, 2001, it was my first incidence to put my foot on Canada's soil. I was bubbling with lots of anxious gestures. I was dreaming multiple opportunities in one of the beautiful and 3rd largest city of Great Canada. My hopes and aspiration was unbound and unbeaten by my friends and relatives whom I left in India.

    I was thrilled and so excited walking around downtown Vancouver for few days when I started looking around for job placement related to my qualification and experience. I have a University Degree in Civil Engineering, Diploma in Computer science, and Diploma in E-commerce. I have 14 year's strong relevant work exposure. Initially I thought it should be enough for me to get a job (a first job) in Canada.

    Then I realized the situation here. I saw few doctors working in restaurants and pizza factories, few Engineers and Management personnel working at gas stations and as assembly worker in factory and IT professionals in shopping centers. I noticed lot of highly educated people migrated not only from India but all over the world facing tremendous problems to get work and struggling to survive as per Canada's life style and monthly expenses chunk of it is rent and income-tax.

    I was getting nervous day by day when I start applying from various local newspaper advertisements and was not getting any reply. I was sitting in library, using Internet facilities (45 minute a day) trying to search for relevant jobs. I was going to Human Resource department everyday to apply for jobs using free fax, photocopy, telephone, Computer and Internet services. It was really appreciable activities run by Government to unemployed people like other immigrants and me. Though I was jobless I had no time to walk around pleasantly. No way man, when there is no job, how can one enjoy the beautiful city? Days and weeks were passing so fast like blink of eyes!

    Canada is multicultural, bilingual, multidisciplinary nation, so my education, work experience was not trustworthy to any firm though I could meet almost all requirements of proposed advertisement. Canadian Experience (?) is the most dangerous word here. Where can I get it? I come to know that 4% probable chances to get Interview! Somebody advised to apply for known and unknown companies by broadcasting letters though they may not have immediate requirement.

    I start watching around in Sky train (Local City transportation service), various books in Library for known companies, Training institutions, college etc. Wherever I saw something, I wrote down the name, contact address and applied on the same day. I was applying 10 to 15 places everyday. I bought telephone answering machine to pursue if there will be any demand and I can not miss the opportunity. After continuous search for one month, one good day I received a voice message recorded on my answering message for an interview. It was a pleasant surprise for me! With enthusiasm I called that lady and she confirm my appointment for an interview. It was Training Institute in Vancouver. A day before interview I went to the training institute. I spoke to the receptionist, got some information regarding the institute, and grab flyers of various courses.

    I prepared myself for the interview. I tried to take as much material like certificates, paperwork etc. and reached for interview. My interview as postponed by one hour. I was desperately looking for work and it was matching with my field, so I was much interested to grab it.

    Fortunately the Company Director was originally South Indian migrated here from Nigeria in 1984. I had lots of discussion and questions/answers with him and his Campus Manager. He spent about one hour to learn about me, my work area, current work status before they came up with the right decision. I found them very sharp, clever, good mind reader throughout the interview. It was really tough!

    I came to know that this institute is giving training as Job readiness program for new immigrants, people on welfare and was assisted by Government. So they knew my situation and their position too profoundly. I felt myself as marketing personnel and I was almost standing to reply satisfactorily throughout the time of Interview. I was following this concept: You have to sale yourself. It may be a bitter truth that if I was to be interviewed by Gora, I may not be even considered, as I didn't have any Canadian experience. They agreed to invite me for 2nd interview and I was released and relieved! Next day I received phone call from director personally for the final interview and possible job offer!
    Thank God. Jai Bajarang Bali!

    Before I reach to his office for second interview, he already arranged my program (job duties) professionally. This company also running EDP (Employment Development Program) under Government fund. EDP course was for 3 weeks, 5 hrs a day. He made list of computer-oriented courses, which I have to cover after EDP classes. It was part of training and I was not entitled for any monitory aspects during those 3 weeks. Though it was very hard to agree as I have to live on my own money for 3 weeks and I have to keep faith for new people, new company too. After all they were the one who agreed to give me a job! Though Vancouver is big, beautiful and pleasant in all other aspects, work wise and economy wise it was not right choice that I knew well so I have to take this risk and I worked during 8 am to 9 pm for that 3 weeks. Real hard work – motivated by the feeling of survival. After completion of EDP course, worked out moderately all courses assigned to me, I was called by him and he gave me my appointment order. Relaxed!

    I am teaching Microsoft 2000 packages i.e. MS-WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, ACCESS. (LEVEL I and II) Course contents are C.C.I. Learning Inc. USA Internet Explorer, Outlook Express. Account software i.e. ACCEPEC, SIMPLY. Though the job I achieved is after much hardships and efforts, money wise it is not so good and also not secure but I am very happy that I am learning every day something new and I am working perfectly related to my field. I have variety of students: different race, culture, age, gender etc. To satisfy all of them is not only technical challenge but also human relations challenge. Humbly is tough job but slowly and gradually I learn how to teach. Still today I have to learn lot on my home computer so that I can co-relate with them confidently and smilingly. I can say that the students teach me many things while they are learning. I feel really grateful to narrate my true story to all of you. My e-mail address is if anybody likes to communicate further.


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