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    First of all, on behalf of fellow Canadian Indians, we congratulate and welcome you and your family members to Canada. You are here to make your fortune and live a life with a difference. For that I will suggest you to start early with positive attitude in belief and actions. The following issues are most urgent and fundamental

    1. Housing
    2. Social Security
    3. Bank Account
    4. Health & Medical
    5. Education
    6. Job
    7. Driving License
    8. Child Tax Benefit
    9. Income Tax
    10. Driving License

    In this issue I will explain the issue of housing in Canada and other issues will be discussed in future (once every week to be posted by Sunday evening)

    HOUSING: The moment you land in Canada, you have to first of all look for a house if you have not arranged one before landing in Canada. Ideally one should arrange housing in Canada before landing here. There are number of alternatives for initial period of living in Canada:
    1. Renting
    2. Paying Guest accommodation
    3. Host program
    4. Living with relatives/guests

    Following factors are to be considered to decide the accommodation required for your family:
    1. Family Size Family size has a direct relationship with the accommodation you have to look for. As per Canadian Laws, if you have any child of more than 12 years of age, he may not share room with any other child of different sex. In other words, if you have two children one boy and one girl, and anyone is more than 12 years of age, you have to take separate room for that child.
    2. Location location is another very important factor. You have to consider the locations proximity to place of employment (prospective employment) of yourself and your spouse, educational institutions of your children, shopping mall, doctors and hospitals etc. Even if you may have your own vehicle, it is always advisable to have your rented premises close enough to schools, hospitals, shopping mall etc
    3. Cultural Background- There is different opinions about the importance of cultural background. For some persons, being close to their own community is very important and for others it may not be as dominating factor. Some people are comfortable with all communities rather they like to interact with different community. However you have to decide after careful thought and considering the views of other family members.
    4. Rent Expense: Calculate the amount of rent you may pay according to your financial position and earned income. Generally speaking, your rent expenses should not be more than 30-40% of your monthly income. Lower the rent, more it will be beneficial however other factors are equally important. Particularly considering our family and social values and thinking, children are our most valuable asset, so I will advise you not to take any risk in terms of their education, upbringing or personality development. Give them ideal environment to grow, learn and develop their life.
    5. Type of Accommodation: You may look upon the different options available in the market
    Basement Apartment (house) Basement apartments are apartments made in the basements of the house. There may be high rise basement apartment or ordinary basement apartment. Basement apartment are lower in rent as compared to Multi storey apartment.
    Rented Apartment (Multistory) You may look for an apartment in a Rented Apartment Building or Condominium Building. Rents of Rented Apartment Buildings are lower as compared to Condominium Buildings. You may choose according to your needs and suitability.
    6. Education: In Canada, you may have public or private education for your children. And even public education is further divided into two group of general public (non Catholic) and Catholic public schools. Generally, one like to have public school run by Government of Canada for their kids. Every region is having its own school board. You may log on to the website of concerned district school board. Every school has its own performance evaluations available for public to view. On that basis you may choose the school while considering other factors as well.

    The houses available for rent may be viewed through internet (main websites listed below), newspaper (Toronto star, local and regional newspaper), free renting magazines (Renter News etc) networking (friends and relatives), local grocery shops (flyers displayed on bulletin boards." rel="nofollow">LINK" rel="nofollow">LINK" rel="nofollow">LINK

    When you are looking for a rented premises, do not disclose your social security number unless you are comfortable in providing the same. Social Security Number is solicited by the renters to find out more information about yourself, your credit history, criminal history etc.

    Once you have finalized your deal for rent, you may ask for the rent agreement. Rent agreement is the document to define rights, obligations of yourself and your landlord. In case of dispute it will be referred to by the civil courts. You should also obtain a Rent Receipt from the landlord either monthly or annually. This receipt should be submitted with your return of income for claiming GST Credit (I will explain later on about this issue). Without the submission of receipt, GST claim may be rejected or reduced as per the law.

    Tenant Protection Act protects the tenants and landlords in Canada. The text of the law may be viewed at the website of
    However the rules, forms, publications issued by Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal may be viewed at

    I hope the above information will be helpful. However in case anyone is interested to know further in the matter of housing, please feel free to write to me at 

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