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  • Tips for osteoarthritis

    By physiomartial

    A common problem of the knee - osteoarthritis, which is a degenerative disease of joints, can affect many joints. Even though women are affected more, men are not free from it. The key to the management is in reducing the stress or weight on the affected joints. Even though, there is no cure, it can be managed effectively with relief of symptoms.
    Common symptoms are pain and stiffness of joints. There may be swelling of joints as well. Apart from knee, other joints commonly affected are hip, first CMC (Thumb, just above wrist) and small joints of hands.
    How Ayurveda can help
    The therapy modalities increase the blood supply to the area, thereby facilitating removal of metabolites. Medicated oils and herbs provide pain relief as penetration of skin facilitated by the oils along with warmth. The warmth and massage also helps reduce the stiffness and break down adhesions. Thus pain is relieved and movements become free. Relaxation of adjacent muscles also contributes to pain relief.
    How exercises can help
    Gentle, regular exercises are very important to maintain joint mobility. It maintains joint flexibility with continued production of joint fluid, preventing joint stiffness and increasing bone density and muscle strength.
    How lifestyle changes can help
    Some lifestyle changes are important like avoiding activities that produce excessive stress on the joints.
    Reduce or maintain body weight
    Avoid or reduce squatting, stair climbing, etc.

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