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    Since the dawn of human evolution, humans have migrated across continents in search of food, shelter, safety, and hospitable weather. People still move for these reasons, but new reasons for human migration are arising, such as job relocation, high standard of living, education, political reasons and uniting with family. Every country has their own set of immigration rules and time frames. People who are looking to immigrate accommodate their future plans according to these rules and time frames. But it is very discouraging and disturbing if your wait becomes too long or in some cases endless. These people either lose the interest or their purpose to migrate becomes no longer valid. Imagine if someone who is educated and skilled will like to migrate for good job opportunities abroad has to wait for 8-10 years, then the whole purpose is lost. He will have grown older, must have achieved better job opportunity and will have stronger commitments which will not allow him to relocate!!

    This is an era where there is ongoing global skill shortage and international competition for skilled workers. If we cannot give a competitive time frame to the skilled workforce to immigrate then we are losing out to other growing countries and economies.

    Waiting lists for Canada visa applications have been becoming longer and longer. As per Canada immigration department-CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada), the waiting list for Canada immigration applications has gone up to around one million names. This is despite several efforts by Canadian government to cut inefficiencies in the system and to make it fast and efficient.

    The first set of Ministerial Instructions (MI-1) was launched in 2008 to meet the three goals of the 2008 Action Plan for Faster Immigration. MI-1 prioritized new FSW applicants with experience in 38 eligible priority occupations, as well as applicants with job offers from Canadian employers, and temporary foreign workers and international students with one year or more of legal, in-Canada status. CIC prioritized these applicants to improve labour market responsiveness and to reduce intake, thus accelerating work on backlog reduction and improving processing times for new applicants. While initially successful on all fronts, application intake began to climb by late 2009 as applicants adapted to the new requirements.

    By early 2010, intake numbers had achieved pre-2008 levels and began to erode earlier Action Plan gains. In response, the second set of Ministerial Instructions in 2010 (MI-2) was implemented, placing an overall annual numerical cap on new FSW applications (20,000), as well as a cap of 1,000 per eligible occupation. MI-2 also required all FSW applications to include a valid language test result from a designated third-party language testing agency. Lastly, MI-2 introduced a temporary moratorium on the acceptance of new federal immigrant investor applications until regulatory amendments came into effect in December 2010.

    Application intake caps have been very effective in stabilizing intake and establishing greater predictability in new applications, thus allowing for sustained progress on processing pre-cap applications for permanent residence, while also continuing to attract the skills Canada needs most.
    Despite the significant progress on Action Plan objectives, the still sizable FSW inventory of applications influenced the third set of Ministerial Instructions (MI-3), announced June 25, 2011. MI-3 lowered the FSW annual cap, to 10,000 in total and 500 per prioritized occupation. This further restriction on new FSW applications is necessary to sustain progress on processing and backlog reduction goals, and is seen to be a short-term measure in support of long-term system stability and efficiency.

    The Government of Canada is taking immediate action to cut the backlog and wait times for sponsored parents and grandparents, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney announced on 4th Nov 2011.Currently, more than 165,000 parents and grandparents who have applied to become permanent residents of Canada are still waiting for a final decision. CIC has frozen this category for 2 years and introduced Super Visa for parents and grandparents to work on the backlogs.

    It is encouraging that steps are being taken to cut down on backlogs and long waits in all categories. But how effective these programs are is yet to be seen.

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