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  • FilmiKeeda a taste of Bollywood Masti

    By filmikeeda

    FilmiKeeda, a taste of Bollywood masti

    A new game to keep fans hooked!

    12th OCTOBER, 2013: Movie fans always need something more. Bollywood a charming fantasy gives movie watchers something more to keep their desire for entertainment burning. The launch of the much anticipated game, FilmiKeeda brings a lot of excitement along as now both Android as well as Apple users have their chance at nonstop entertainment with this game.

    The game is based on Hindi movie trivia and takes the player through a journey of quizzes that asks the player to identify the movie in question based on distinct images, dance moves, dialogues etc. from the movie. This game is set to rock movie lovers in the sub-continent as it is fresh, entertaining and more than anything, extremely addictive. The game is released on Android through Google Play store and on Apples App Store.

    The fact that FimiKeeda can be played on a variety of interfaces goes to show that it is indeed a game that is super convenient and super fun to play. Already a big hit, this game is well on its way to topping the charts. It is what movie fans want, need and desire. The game helps keep the love for Bollywood strong. For those who have played the game can vouch for its high entertainment quotient and, those who havent tried it so far cannot wait to get their hands on it.

    FilmiKeeda was conceptualized by Paresh Bahadur and Lopa Parekh residing in Canada. They roped in Xena Technologies as their partner to develop their dream into reality. Millions of Indians across the globe watch Bollywood movies and share the passion for Indian Cinema. This was the idea behind the launch of the game which is to help movie lovers stay in touch with their favorite flicks of all times. The game also has interesting themes for the players to explore. To know more about the game and download it from the app store, log onto" rel="nofollow">LINK

    Media Contact" rel="nofollow">LINK

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