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samna1978: Thanks and does the in house photo service upload the pics for you as well?
MITRON: The renewal process will take the same amount of time as a brand new first time application. So give it about 2 months, don't expect it any sooner, just because it is a renewal. Don't book any plane tickets till you have the OCI in hand.
MITRON: BLS Brampton has an in house photo service if you want to use it. BLS In house Photography services : BLS visa and passport application center has an in-house photo-booth facility which enables
samna1978: Has anyone renewed OCI for their kids recently at the brampton location? Is there any place near the BLS centre which can take OCI pictures and upload it for us? thx

India's political landscape

Garvo Gujarati: I really feed bad about good people who blindly supported Kejriwal even after his numbers of U-turns. Anyway things get corrected over the period of time and now the true colors of the demon are surfaced.
zindabad: psychopath - shameless Kejru begging to Sheila Dixit and Congress to do " Gathbandhan " . I remember there was an old movie " Delhi ka Thug " .. This psychopath believes that delhi people are chu**ya ...
elmer fudd: All accused in the 2G scam acquitted by CBI special court (CBI is under govt. control). Looks like BJP and DMK might be forging an alliance. I wonder how Modi will slink out of this, considering it has happened right under his nose.
zindabad: वक्त कितनी जल्दी निकल जाता है पता ही नहीं चलता .

Wifi Internet in India

tamilkuravan: There are strict verification of ID for purchasing any Wifi items. Aaadhaar card is asked these days. So you have to buy this, using your parents as a front. Only tops ups / monthly payements are a breeze.
MITRON: If you are just going to use internet 3-4 hrs a day, the phone as a hot spot will be more than enough. But if you are going to use it 10 hrs a day, better to have a WiFi dongle or stick. Leave the dongle behind for your parents and for your future visits.
MITRON: Yes, you can use that. But generally the phone battery drains faster when you use it as a hot spot and phone also heats up a bit. So either you have to keep the phone plugged in while using it as a
captainbeam: Thanks Mitron for your informative posts. I have to check what kind of coverage Jio has in my area in Delhi. Airtel should have good coverage. do you think it is better to just buy a 4G enabled cell phone with lots of data and just use that as a hotspot around the house?

PIO to OCI conversion in 2019

MITRON: Apply for a brand new OCI in India. Don't do PIO to OCI conversion. LINK
GlobalIndian: I am aware of three white girls who married Indian men in India and got OCI; during the entire process of obtaining OCI, they never had to leave India. So, TK I think you should be able to convert your PIO to OCI without leaving India, if you do not wish to leave.
zindabad: Just check with BLS , I think there should not be any issue to convert PIO ~ OCI in India ******** How do you become/convert to an OCI? You can apply through the Indian embassy in your country of
tamilkuravan: i have a PIO. Living in india. for conversion i need to come to Toronto, which i canot. I plan to land in Canada in may. So what are my options? Murali


Latest Replies

Is it possible to find a job in Canada while being at India?

ILOVENA: This is my first post in several years. I used to live in Mississauga, ON, moved to Dallas TX as a green card holder in 2012 , and have been a Scrum Master/Senior Agile Coach since . I was recently thinking of moving back, the biggest motivation being universal healthcare (With my premium and deductible,/out of pocket expenses I pay close to 12 K a year).
MITRON: Follow Her on Quora or Medium - She has answered 550 + questions over there. LINK LINK She has answered more questions over there. Her information is recent and experience relevant to Indians coming to Canada through FSW - EE program. Your experience will be kind of similar to hers.
Dream Sailor: In this case the lady, Aditi Kashikar, had sufficient CRS score which is not the case for me. So my only bet is to GET A JOB OFFER by a Canadian Employer to improve my CRS score. However, the entire narration by Aditi is highly informative and will be helpful for me if I get an ITA. Thanks and Regards. You are a nice person indeed.

Can i submit the passports at VFS office on behave of my wife?

Full House: Generally, a Husband can do all of the required things for Wife and Children. So, you are O.K. Otherwise you need a letter Authorizing to do all of these things. It will be nice to Have a copy of the Marriage Certificate and a Valid I.D., such as Passport/Driver's License also. Good Luck. FH. -
uday62: I have applied to sponsor my wife and children to canada. We got an email from CIC to submit my wife and children's passports through the VFS ofice in India. I am on vacation to India. Is it compulsory wife's physical presence at the VFS office while submitting the passports?. Can i submit the passports on behave of my wife?
htioydbf: pc슬롯머신게임【 OM789。COM 】바카라확률 슬롯머신 바카라사이트 카지노사이트쿠폰 pc슬롯머신게임

Scam website - Stay away!!

Full House: This was shown on PBS when I was DOWN A LITTLE and wanted to get a laugh. I enjoyed the same on that day. HOPE IT CHEERS YOU UP TOO. LINK LINK LINK FH. LINK
pudgie_pie: any updates?
grodgers.fb: A while back I was in a hurry and did a google search. bookyourroadtest.com was first in the hit list because the people who made this website employed google adwords... thereby making themselves first. Similiar phrases to put in google "book your road test", "book ontario road test"...
Full House: Thank you for providing us with a few links where in they provide NO services to the common public and cheat them off their money providing nothing for it. In these days it has become a very sophisticated way of getting a few unsuspecting people and having got cheated, people don't want to go public


samna1978: I am checking a few places and will let you for sure. Thanks for the offer.
sudesingh: Will you too need to grease the palms of the Univ officials? I'm sure you know how that's done ;)
tamilkuravan: I live near the Univ of Madras. Try also Gulf attestation (Google). I have used their services for educational attestation in the past. Univ. of Madras requires the person who needs the transcript to be present there (they accept proxies of the same sex) or agents who know how to grease the palms. If all fails, I can do it at a fee as I have to take leave from the office. The university will attest the transcripts and give it.
samna1978: Thank you appreciate it.
Full House: Here is a little help please read fully and take notes. Then, contact them first. xxxx Dear, If you require official transcripts / attestations from any universities / institutions in India. You can contact us. All India Transcripts +918951179640 / +918553899409. contact us for quickly process.or Mail

Power of attorney attestation by Indian Consulate in Toronto

ranabu: Thank you Full House.
Full House: Here is an alternative Proof of Residence that you can get. It is from SERVICE ONTARIO, IF YOU ARE IN ONTARIO. If any other Province please contact similar Authorities who have the power to issue one. But it takes 4-6 weeks and $35 as cost. You can also call the High Commission and ask them OR contact
ranabu: Hi, I need to get a power of attorney attested by the Indian Consulate in Toronto. According to the website, for address of proof, I need to provide "Attach proof of address in Canada (Canadian driving licence, Gas, Electricity or landline telephone bill displaying applicant's address and House lease agreement.
iervsvsc: 마이크로슬롯【 OM789。COM 】온라인룰렛게임 슬롯머신사이트추천 바카라사이트쿠폰 바카라사이트추천

Newest Posts

Delay in express PR file

sarjitdelivala: Hi! We, as a couple have submitted our Express entry PR file on 25th Oct 2018. It's been around 8 months and yet there's no reply. We've submitted 2 web forms but the response in general and no specific information is given upon our file. Kindly suggest what to do. Thank you!
iervsvsc: 슬롯머신알고리즘【 OM789。COM 】룰렛사이트추천 모바일슬롯머신 바카라쿠폰 온라인룰렛 슬롯머신알고리즘 블랙잭사이트 인터넷바카라【 OM789。COM 】룰렛사이트추천 카지노게임 바카라게임 바카라사이트쿠폰 온라인룰렛사이트 카지노추천 카지노룰렛

Business Analyst Fundamentals Training with ECBA

zarnaiibs: Business Analyst Fundamentals Training with Entry certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA) Confirmed START DATE- Jun 09th 2019 KICK START YOUR CAREER AS A BUSINESS ANALYST Training Objectives Learn Fundamentals of Business Analysis Extensive 49 hours of BA Fundamentals & ECBA Training Course designed to provide step by step guidance to begin your career as a Business Analyst ECBA Preparation-Get certified as an ECBA (Entry Level Business Analyst) Get 21 PDU for ECBA Certification No prior business analysis experience required. Learn from basics. Get access to LMS (Learning Management System) & get Regular Assignments Internal Review along with assessment Resume Prep All in class convenient training sessions-Small class size Complete guidance for ECBA Certification As per knowledge areas of BABOK Guide Version 3 Appear for Scrum Fundamentals Certification on completion of course-guidance provided IIBS is an endorsed education provider for IIBA For more details about the schedule call us at 905-268-0958 or email at training@iibs.ca IIBS College is a Private Career College registered under the Ontario Government Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

SAP S/4HANA SALES Certification Training (SAP SD)!!

zarnaiibs: SAP S/4HANA SALES Certification Training Projected start date June 09th 2018 2 Seats Remaining Training Objectives  60 hours in class training conducted on weekends  Focused towards getting SAP S/4 HANA SALES Certified Application Associate  Certified instructor with over 15 years of industry experience-Excellent Instructor Reviews  Training material is provided  Learning Management System Access (LMS) for Practice  Through grounding of S/4 HANA SALES Concepts  Regular assignments & reviews along with internal assessment  Small class size  Course Completion Certificate awarded to all candidates  Classes can be repeated by the students within the same course for a low fee REGISTRATION OPEN-CALL TODAY For more details about the schedule call us at 905-268-0958 or email at training@iibs.ca
fuwsdscx: 777무료슬롯머신【 OM789。COM 】슬롯머신게임사이트 온라인카지노사이트추천 블랙잭추천 엠카지노 777무료슬롯머신 카지노룰렛 모바일카지노【 OM789。COM 】슬롯머신게임사이트 바카라게임사이트 바카라쿠폰 온라인카지노사이트추천 룰렛사이트

Get Certified in SAP SuccessFactors!!!

zarnaiibs: Projected start date of class Jun 02nd 2019 SAP SuccessFactors is a complete, cloud-based HR system for all your needs Training Objectives 50 hours in class training conducted on weekends Focused towards getting SAP SuccessFactors Certified Instructor led In Class sessions Training material provided Learning Management System Access (LMS) for Practice Through grounding of SAP SuccessFactors concepts Regular Assignments Review along with internal assessment Individual Attention Course Completion Certificate awarded to all candidates Classes can be repeated by the students within the same course for a low fee IIBS is a reputed Private Career College registered with the Ministry and we have successfully trained 15000+ students in the last 12 yrs For more details about the schedule call us at 905-268-0958 or email at training@iibs.ca
eusdacsx: 모바일슬롯머신게임【 OM789。COM 】바카라필승전략 바카라사이트추천 온라인블랙잭사이트 슬롯머신사이트주소 모바일슬롯머신게임 카지노바카라 카지노주소【 OM789。COM 】바카라필승전략 모바일바카라 블랙잭추천 인터넷카지노사이트 슬롯머신게임

How to buy bitcoin without getting ripped off?

captainbeam: any bitcoin traders or HODlers here on CD? I have been trying to buy Bitcoin recently and not having any luck. the problem is that it seems to be extremely hard to buy Bitcoin in Canada through proper channels like bank account, investment account etc. the reason is that all the major banks and credit card companies block Bitcoin transactions. in the last 2 weeks, I have tried with my Bank of Montreal card as well as Scotiabank card and they both blocked it. upon calling, they confirmed that all Bitcoin transactions will be blocked, no matter how small. TD is also blocking. so buying through the usual channels is out. the only way I have been able to find is using Bitcoin ATM machines. that does work and I did manage to buy a small amount. the problem is that their spreads and commissions are massive...total rip off. for example, yesterday 1 BTC was ~ $11,650 CAD but Bitcoin ATMs were quoting ~ $12,900...that is more than 10% higher than market price. I tried several ATMs in the GTA and they were all the same. so my question - is anyone here buying BTC using Canadian $$ and how are you buying?

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