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Foreign Indicia - CRS & FATCA declaration . Should I say Yes or No ?

goldeneye: I have been asked the same as well. if we do not respond they will mark our accounts un documented it seems
MITRON: I guess NO should be the answer. Am I right ?
MITRON: So I have been asked for the CRS declaration by Indian bank for NRO/NRE accounts. There is a question regarding "Foreign Indicia" - Yes or No ?? The question preceding that is, Are you

Sell Property with Aadhar Card being required

Smiley: Great link .. Thanks
Many: 20% plus some small cess.
Smiley: Do you know what the TDS rate is for an NRI ?
Many: It helps to have a real-estate agent to execute a sell-buy transaction. He takes care of all required formalities for a consideration of course(commission). Yes there is TDS for an NRI (Mumbai experience)
Smiley: Thanks for your Info I need to sell and not buy ...
Full House: Here is what I heard today. So, please verify the same as soon as you can. Reason is.: That the Real estate Transaction is an illquid asset with low yields and high cost of sales transaction. It is not so easy to find a buyer.

RRSP after returning to India

Full House: It is always a privilege to be of service to you. Hope it helps you a little bit. Now taking into account that the interest that you pay there for Principal borrowed, you will do better by just taking
goingbacksoon: I am a Canadian with OCI status. I will be leaving for good in a few years. I will be returning in my 40s so I assume the age related deductions you referred to won't apply. I expect I will need to withdraw my RRSP amount (could be close to 75K) within an year of arrival to buy a property.
Full House: I know that you are an NRI. Are you a Canadian Citizen with an OCI Card? Are you leaving Canada for Good or just moving out for Six/Seven months of the year like the SNOWBIRDS do. Knowing that you are
goingbacksoon: Thanks for your advice. I also looked at the avenue of finding an accountant, who deals with such things but an hour of google search didn't lead me anywhere. I think it confirms your statement that it

All we need to know about NRE / NRO Account

Full House: We all get hammered now and then..: Here is a Bolt from the Blue (Or is it from the Blacks?) "LONG TERM CAPITAL GAINS EXCEEDING RS 1 LAKH WILL BE TAXED AT 10% WITHOUT INDEXING " Read more
ChandraGupt: LINK in my case I have few Fixed Deposits(in rupees) & planning to sell my Mutual funds in India(in rupees) so can't convert ordinary account to NRE , only option is
MITRON: If you are sending money from Canada to India in CAD $ i.e foreign exchange coming in from abroad, NRE is better. On NRE there No tax, No TDS, No need to file a return to get TDS back with Indian IT,
ChandraGupt: I think NRO account is better for OCI card holders like me (as per my situations)..


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Sending 10 yr old kid to India with friend- affidavit letter

love_n_peace: I sent my daughter to India with my grand parents. I did an affidavit with the help of lawyer saying Mom and Dad has permission for daughter to go India with grand parents. No Canadian airport officer asked for affidavit, but Indian officer/authorities asked for it when they were returning to Canada. So its better to be prepared before you send out your kids
MITRON: The experience is very individualistic and also defers from country to country, airport to airport and airlines to airlines. So what experience some one else had won't help you. So to be on the safe side carry the letter with you, if someone else says they were not asked for it. They might ask
Full House: Just a side note.: The same documentation will be required or become necessary for local travels and connecting flights too and you may have to produce the same to the other airlines or carriers also. It will be nice to have a set of photocopies of all of the documentation with the minor in a separate

Professional Engineers Of Ontario - Technical Exam May 2018 for Industrial

Full House: From the information that I have on me, there were two exams were conducted in 2017, in MAY and in DEC. The copies of which were not brought out for the dissemination to the future students. But they still could be made available to you if you are a student member and if you are willing to pay a nominal fee, whatever that will be, upon you making a request or an inquiry.
hpp: Hello, I am looking for May 2018 past Technical Exam papers in Industrial Engineering for following subjects: 1) 98-IND-A1 (Operations Research) 2) 98-IND-A2 (Analysis and Design of Work) 3) 98-IND-A6 (Systems Simulation) Please look into it if any one has it... Appreciate your help in advance. Regards, HP

Need clarification about immigration.

MITRON: " Canadian Experience " and " Canadian Education " , wherever you go they will ask for that. They don't care about Indian experience & education over here, however good it might be.
San12: As I have master degree in Commerce I am flexible with other jobs also.
San12: Thank you for the suggestion. Yes I will take IELTS soon.
San12: Why? is it so difficult to manage there?
Full House: Since you are the one that is required to do all of the needful and qualify to get in, most of it has to be accomplished by you and I am sure you can complete all of it yourself and save yourself the expenses. Language proficiency is called for and you must pass an exam through IELTS and when you are ready, you can fill out the application form.
MITRON: BTW working as a professor in a Canadian university or college based on foreign experience is going to be very very hard. If you have a good salary in Bangalore then stay there, don't bother coming here. Or try your luck over here for 1 year or so and then go back to India, if you are really that curious to come here.

Greater Toronto Area: Where to rent apartment/condo

Full House: 1) Down Town 2) North York. 3) Islington-Kipling Got That. Now to the nitty-gritty. What do you need as Infrastructure, speed, quantum? Then the area for occupancy. 1BHK, 2BHK Or larger area to conduct your operation plus additional space to store your personal belongings too. The budget in CAD,
mayank2711: Hello All, We are moving from USA to Canada and trying to figure out where to rent apt/condo in GTA. We are both IT professionals ( Big Data and QA) would mostly be working as IT contractors. Not looking for Full time jobs for first few years in Canada. We would like to cover 2 areas with most IT jobs.

Tax related query - Please suggest

sumjo: Yes, that can be done and its easier too. However, after giving it a more serious thought, and since I have now ruled out relocating to India permanently, its better to bring the funds over here and invest into some blue chip stocks for a long term. Hopefully, it will grow and provide a good supplement
rajcanada: You can covert the funds from NRO to NRE without first bringing the money to Canada. You do require form 15CA and 15CB filled by CA though to do this conversion. If you bring in the money to Canada and send it back to India, you will covert the money twice and lose out on fee twice.
sumjo: For people who are planning to sell their property and remit the funds overseas: Example: 1. You sell the apt for 80 lakhs. 2. The buyer pays you the full amount. 3. You go to your CA for Cap gains tax calculation. 4. CA states that your cap gains is 35 lakhs. 5. Now, either you pay 20% of 35 lakhs as ITax to the Govt.

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PR or Open Work Permit

ritesharma2001: Hello, I am currently doing my Masters in Hong Kong and will finish in next 2 months. My fiance is studying in Vancouver & we are getting married in Jan 2019. She has a valid study visa till JAN 2020. Now I would like to know the fastest and legal way to arrive in Canada. Thorugh my research I found few options but not sure which one to apply 1. Apply for PR before Marriage? 2. Apply for PR after Marriage? 3. Apply for an open Work permit after marriage? If there is any other option please let me know. Thank you,

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Клуб Вулкан

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Diamonds. Edit - 2

Full House: I wish to compare all of the newcomers into Canada to a diamond in the rough. The reason being, they all have stood up and helped others in their own way and currently shine bright like a diamond. Now we enter into... The age of Prosperity. Why the Albatross .. Nothing symbolizes this pioneering spirit like that of the albatross. These birds travel very long distances around the world, undauntedly, all while maintaining a special connection to their place of birth. Their life is a journey worthy of noting and comparison. Being constantly on the move, albatrosses use their formidable wingspan to cross oceans and fly for hours without rest. When they do land, they do behave like sociable creatures that enjoy the company of others. Like all of the desi's here, Albatrosses also have to face the challenges of an itinerant lifestyle.

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