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PIO to OCI conversion in 2019

tamilkuravan: i have a PIO. Living in india. for conversion i need to come to Toronto, which i canot. I plan to land in Canada in may. So what are my options? Murali
MITRON: PIO to OCI conversion or even a brand new OCI takes about 2 months start to finish. So go for it right now, don't delay. Whatever you do, don't travel on a PIO after the date you mentioned that they are invalid as the PIO won't be accepted or machine readable after that date.
imtooldforthishit: ANYONE??????
imtooldforthishit: Hello, I am travelling to India by May 2019. I am too late to this party that PIO is no longer valid, but extended until March 2019. I got the PIO card only around 2014 or something, went through

Planning to go to India in August on PIO card ? Any issues ..

imtooldforthishit: loveall, Can you please let me know how to do this without submitting the original documents? So you submit the online application for PIO to OCI (OCI in lieu of PIO) and then what happens at
loveall: You still have time , I suggest apply for the PIO to OCI conversion as soon as possible. Govt has streamlined conversion process tremendously. I have gone thru this process a few months back and had no
rajcanada: This was the press release by Consulate in Toronto. Not sure about conversion process but routine process to get OCI is about 2 months. From: LINK - The
Smiley: Has anybody traveled lately on PIO card to India? Did you have any issues .. Thanks

Child travel with OCI on old Canadian passport

peacock1: Hello, I am travelling regularly , using the old OCI booklet, and I have had 2 canadian passports after that, I am keeping , all the old canadian passports together with the current passport, absolutely no issues travelling, at the immigration.
cdn_dude: We do it ALL the time - never had an issue. Do not bother about getting a new OCI booklet just to have a new passport number. Try minimizing your number of interactions with the Indian Consulate.
Full House: I found a good link for you to browse and ask them for details. FH. LINK - xxxx EDIT.: Bureau of Immigration ( India ) Guidelines regarding OCI Card holders. 1. ...
konax: Hi, Can someone with actual experience or confirmed knowledge please let me know if my 8-year old daughter would be able to travel with her existing OCI booklet that has her old Canadian passport number?

Opening bank account in a branch in India

zindabad: check on bank's website . Account opening form is available there . Contact customercare number , i think you may be able to fillup the form from here . They just need your residency proof , identity , PAN card ..
Full House: You SHOULD and MUST BE able to open an ACCOUNT with PUNJAB and SIND Bank itself. Ask your Parents to visit the branch that they have account with and get the Account Opening papers for an NRE account with them and The SECOND Set of forms to open an NRO account also.
captainbeam: Thanks FH. Punjab & Sind Bank is a large bank with many branches in north India. it is not the same as Punjab National Bank. anyway...it sounds like I should open NRO account in India. do you know if NRO account can be opened at a specific branch or is that an account located centrally?


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Unwritten social rules everyone must follow

tamilkuravan: Whatsapp forward
Full House: YES INDEED. Keep up the Good Work. FH. Hey, do you use bad language? It is O.K. I do Too after a PUNCH. 15. f youre talking to someone and notice any of the following, theyre trying to end the conversation: Their eyes keep darting away. They angle their body away from you. They give you rapid one-word answers.
sanjeevm: Wonderful post!
G13: Unwritten social rules everyone must follow: 1. Dont call someone more than twice continuously. If they dont pick up your call that mean they have something more important to attend to. 2. When someone drops something on the floor by mistake or drops food from the plate or doesnt know how to use a knife/fork dont stare at them.

Travel to Mumbai

tamilkuravan: good to see old friends back, Sorry. Had an operation on my left hand and thus typing with one hand. murali
Fido: Agree. Don't get pally with them - they will take advantage when time comes .Keep relations professional and put controls in place before they enter (and after) - it is ok to let 3 good ones go rather than 1 bad one come in.
happywoman36: No need to justify. Indians are smart to buy with separate entrance basement but very few like me are smart enough to buy not only separate basement entrance but also separate laundry so we dont enter basement without 24 hrs notice. But still, Mitron is absolutely right about privacy etc which is why I stopped keeping in my basement and moved them to my condos.
Fido: Everything is relative . Having a separate unit with a door in between is more private than sharing a room in your own living area. Having a separate unit on a different level with doors in between and separate entrance is certainly more private than above two.

Comparative analysis of Ontario Real Estate market-2017-2018

Blue_Peafowl: LINK
peacock1: Hello friends, Can anyone help on where can we find these figures, Comparative analysis of Real Estate market-2017-2018, for Ontario

On OCI - Can i sell my property in India

MITRON: I was talking about Taxation from the Indian point of view, not the Canadian point of view. It absolutely makes a difference, if you're an Indian citizen or Foreign citizen, when it comes to taxes in India, especially capital gains tax on sale of property. Also RBI allows a NRI or Foreign citizen to have a Joint Resident account with your close relative in India.
chandresh: Some of the above info is incorrect. Taxation does not change whether or not you are a Canadian citizen. It remains the same if you are a Tax Resident of Canada, irrespective of citizenship. For bank account, as soon as one becomes a non resident of India, one has to convert their resident account to NRO account, irrespective of citizenship.
Full House: Here is some additional help..: It must have taken you Good Three years to fill in your stay here to get the Canadian Citizenship. Then a year for the processing. So, you must have a minimum of FOUR Good years under your belt here in Canada. BASED UPON THAT. You landed here in 2014 some time or earlier.

Transfer of money from India to Canada

Full House: Regardless where (in which Account) the money is held, All the FI all over the world are trying to comply with the tax avoidance Act introduced by the U,S. IRA, which is called FATCA. Canada took the lead and jumped in on the bandwagon and could have requested for details of all the Taxes paid to their Local Governments since July 2014, when the Act was introduced.
Many: Depends where exactly is the money in India. If the money is held in an NRO account with a Bank in India; some amount of paperwork is involved, is doable though. If the money is held in an NRE account then it is easy; can be done Online
brown_bear: One of my friend who is from India but now a Canadian citizen says - we can not send ourselves money from India to Canada (from our Indian account to our Canadian account) He said someone else can send but we can not send ourselves. Is that true? Are there any restrictions in place for transferring our money from our Indian account to Canadian account?

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Current situation on Housing market in GTA area, what will happen next...?

RBO: Toronto real estate prices rose 1.7% YoY in January to a new average price of $748,328. Thats good news for sellers in the GTA, however it is a big irritation for homebuyers who have lead to believe government action would benefit them and create opportunities to buy. The GTA market is still a big market and only the Montreal housing market has a chance to outperform the GTA housing market through 2020. Housing markets in Calgary and Vancouver are down significantly. We are back to about spring 2016 prices. Speculators drove the prices from 2014 onward. So many people not able to close the house deal or just walking away. The value of the home just dropped by at least $200k in some of the GTA Area. All investors outside of GTA were propping up demand cause of easy money. Many regular families bought being greedy.

Suggestions on area, nearer to GTA

peacock1: Hello Friends, Looking for suggestions, for good smaller cities around Toronto, from London, Kitchner, waterloo, cambridge, Hamilton, Niagra falls, Barrie, Oshwa, pickering, peterborough. Houses, under 350-400 k

Toronto Housing Market Outlook for 2019

sanjeevm: 2019 Outlook Summary for Toronto Housing Market The following points summarize TREBs outlook for 2019 and results of the Ipsos Home Owners and Home Buyers surveys: 83,000 sales are forecast to be reported through TREBs MLS System in 2019 a moderate increase compared to 77,375 sales in 2018. This moderate increase will be underpinned by an uptick in the number of people considering a home purchase, as reported by Ipsos, which will be supported by continued population growth, low unemployment rate and lower average fixed-rate borrowing costs compared to 2018. Slightly tighter market conditions, similar to those observed in the second half of 2018, will support a moderate pace of price growth in 2019. The average selling price in the Greater Toronto Area will increase to $820,000 close to the peak reached in 2017 and up from an average of $787,195 in 2018.

Toronto Real Estate Market Watch Report - January 2019

sanjeevm: Dear CDs, January TREB Market Watch is released today. Here is the glimpse for all of you. If you want to know more about any particular area OR your community, you can get in touch with me directly and I will share the area specific report with you. __________________________ TORONTO, February 6, 2019 - TREB President Garry Bhaura announced that Greater Toronto Area REALTORS reported 4,009 home sales through TREBs MLS in January 2019 up by 0.6 per cent compared to January 2018. On a preliminary seasonally adjusted basis, sales were up by 3.4 per cent compared to December 2018. It is encouraging to see the slight increase in January transactions on a year-over-year basis, even with the inclement weather experienced in the GTA region during the last week of the month. The fact that the number of transactions edged upwards is in line with TREBs forecast for higher sales in calendar year 2019, said Mr.

Citizenship Interview Info and After Timeline - Calgary

alexsteward: In the interview for Citizenship what they might ask (when they call me to verify the documents)? After the interview when can i expect the oath ? any time line for Calgary? Thanks (Senior hence i think no citizenship exam for me)

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