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India's political landscape

Garvo Gujarati: I really feed bad about good people who blindly supported Kejriwal even after his numbers of U-turns. Anyway things get corrected over the period of time and now the true colors of the demon are surfaced.
zindabad: psychopath - shameless Kejru begging to Sheila Dixit and Congress to do " Gathbandhan " . I remember there was an old movie " Delhi ka Thug " .. This psychopath believes that delhi people are chu**ya ...
elmer fudd: All accused in the 2G scam acquitted by CBI special court (CBI is under govt. control). Looks like BJP and DMK might be forging an alliance. I wonder how Modi will slink out of this, considering it has happened right under his nose.
zindabad: वक्त कितनी जल्दी निकल जाता है पता ही नहीं चलता .


MITRON: The renewal process will take the same amount of time as a brand new first time application. So give it about 2 months, don't expect it any sooner, just because it is a renewal. Don't book any plane tickets till you have the OCI in hand.
MITRON: BLS Brampton has an in house photo service if you want to use it. BLS In house Photography services : BLS visa and passport application center has an in-house photo-booth facility which enables
samna1978: Has anyone renewed OCI for their kids recently at the brampton location? Is there any place near the BLS centre which can take OCI pictures and upload it for us? thx

Wifi Internet in India

tamilkuravan: There are strict verification of ID for purchasing any Wifi items. Aaadhaar card is asked these days. So you have to buy this, using your parents as a front. Only tops ups / monthly payements are a breeze.
MITRON: If you are just going to use internet 3-4 hrs a day, the phone as a hot spot will be more than enough. But if you are going to use it 10 hrs a day, better to have a WiFi dongle or stick. Leave the dongle behind for your parents and for your future visits.
MITRON: Yes, you can use that. But generally the phone battery drains faster when you use it as a hot spot and phone also heats up a bit. So either you have to keep the phone plugged in while using it as a
captainbeam: Thanks Mitron for your informative posts. I have to check what kind of coverage Jio has in my area in Delhi. Airtel should have good coverage. do you think it is better to just buy a 4G enabled cell phone with lots of data and just use that as a hotspot around the house?

PIO to OCI conversion in 2019

MITRON: Apply for a brand new OCI in India. Don't do PIO to OCI conversion. LINK
GlobalIndian: I am aware of three white girls who married Indian men in India and got OCI; during the entire process of obtaining OCI, they never had to leave India. So, TK I think you should be able to convert your PIO to OCI without leaving India, if you do not wish to leave.
zindabad: Just check with BLS , I think there should not be any issue to convert PIO ~ OCI in India ******** How do you become/convert to an OCI? You can apply through the Indian embassy in your country of
tamilkuravan: i have a PIO. Living in india. for conversion i need to come to Toronto, which i canot. I plan to land in Canada in may. So what are my options? Murali


Latest Replies

Graph using Excel

lorein0688: Excel is the one of the most complex application of MS Office and this is the reason Microsoft have implemented various tips and tricks to help the users to use the application easily. So, here learn the tips and tricks to master MS Excel : LINK
MKBLR: Thanks uuys. Much appreciated.
ramar2005: If we type secondary axis on help box we may get info with examples.
Full House: - The data 15, 30, 45, and 60 etc., are spaced evenly, which will provide you with an even spacing on the X-AXIS. The other data alongside the previous numbers will provide you with a plot on the Y-AXIS, One on the Left side and the Second one on the Y-AXIS on the Right side of the chart. You
dimple2001: I believe what you are looking for is a Secondary Axis. If so, your data would be as follows: First column data is the y -axis on the left side of the chart, second column data is the x axis, and the third column of data is the y axis noted on the right side of the chart (this is the secondary axis).

Travel insurance for parents travelling for 3/4 months

Full House:
Text-align: I would like to travel more. For example to visit this tour LINK What do you think about it?
Full House: Travel insurance for travelers who land into Canada? Please Hit this phrase in the google. Allianz, Manulife and Follow me are a few there. There are some Credit Cards that provide decent coverage and you can top them up for Parents Under the age of 84. (This limit varies, please note) It is approx..
nilesh1010: Hi, I am looking for travell insurance options for my parents (age 65+) for 3 months. Is there any suggestions/advise, pls respond here or text me on 4168244910 Regards, Nile

New immigrant , looking for good course suggestion for banking domain.

Full House: It is sad that none of the Courses that one takes for entry into a specific JOB is recognized by the others. In short NO COURSE IS OF INTERNATIONAL in Nature. So, you have to learn everything all over again to get an entry, as it becomes Mandatory for that JOB. As a general rule, The Stock markets are Expected to rise or they are biased to move upwards over the years.
Reharnw: Hello guys, I am new immigrant here. I am from Mumbai and i have 7+ years of experience in Front office banking. I was into Relationship management, i want to know of any course which is good to get a job in Banking domain? I have Heard of CIFC , IFIC .. little confusing. More over i want to understand your experience and then take an informed decision. Thanks a lot!

Canadian citizenship for parents.

Many: There is no Test for your Parents at that age.
RBO: Thank you for update, Parents are 71 and 66 age plus. are they requires to do Citizenship Test? CIC website says not required for elderly seniors. regards
Full House: RBO., Now that you know how they calculate the required time for CITIZENSHIP., and you have a letter from them., Please be assured.. Processing times of 12 months or more are not uncommon for citizenship applications. Processing times are determined by a number of factors, such as whether your citizenship application is non-routine, OR routine.
RBO: Thank you Sir Ji for reply and information. I was in a wrong impression that CIC counting from day one when you become Permanent Resident of Canada. No choice and have to wait until days requirement going to fulfill. Regards
sudesingh: Pre-requisites to apply for citizenship are: 1. You have to be a permanent resident, and 2. You have to physically reside in Canada for at least 3 of the last 5 years (1095 days)? To answer your question: No, anything more than 5 years is not going to count, and it's a rolling 5 years, so every time you have to count 5 years from today's date.

Delivering Gift in USA-Chicago

tamilkuravan: Amazon is pretty amazing. I would go with that (online using your credit card / paypal). I found that many Indian returned Desi's from USA, use Amazon India for all their purchase in India. Amazon offers pretty much the lowest price you would get is what I hear, Murali The Krishna
smiley1: I have to deliver Birthday gift to 7 yr old girl in USA. I live in Mississauga.
happywoman36: Try old navy or gap or banana. ..I think thy gv free delivery abv $50.
hchheda: Most US retailers (with website) offer shipping to US addresses in addition to Amazon, Ebay and other such online only retailers. If you are more specific, it might help to offer more suggestions. Hiren
smiley1: Is anyone aware of a website werein I can order from Canada and they deliver at door in USA. Please suggest!

Newest Posts

Get certified in SAP S/4 HANA Finance!!!

zarnaiibs: Projected START DATE OF BATCH May, 26th 2019. REGISTRATIONS OPEN NOW. Companies need to integrate and upgrade to S/4 HANA resulting in a huge demand for SAP finance professionals who are able to execute the successful and smooth transition from SAP R/3 to S/4 HANA. These upgrades mean that the demand for S/4 HANA professionals will continue to grow in the SAP job market. Who can do this course Candidates with basic knowledge of Finance BI, HANA, Finance Consultants background, IT professionals who want to make a career in SAP Finance working in Financial domain SAP technical & functional professionals Students & College Graduates with finance, computer science, business engineering degrees IT professionals who are into other non-finance SAP modules SAP Project Managers Pre-Requisites: Basic knowledge on Finance or any SAP Functional module Trainer is SAP S/4 HANA certified with over 15 years deep functional & technical experiences in SAP Finance and Accounts.

SAP HANA Analytics and Reporting with Data Modelling Training BIBO

zarnaiibs: PROJECTED START DATE OF BATCH May 25th, 2019 Training Objectives 65 Hours of Instructor lead in class training Includes training on SAP BW on HANA , SAP Webi Certification, SAP Design Studio (Lumira Designer 2.x), SAP Lumira (Lumira Discovery 2.x), SAP Crystal Report Hands on practice Convenient weekend training Training Material provided Practice exam test questions Timely review along with internal assessment Guidance on resume building Course Completion certificate is provided to all candidates attending the training On completion individuals can apply for following jobs: Data Analyst, reporting analyst, data warehousing analyst, Jr Data Scientist, Reporting designer IIBS is a reputed Private Career College (PCC) For details please call us at 905-268-0958 or email at training@iibs.ca

stranded in airport vancouver airport. URGENT advice needed

uday62: I booked my return ticket to India from Vancouver airport through an agent which is suggested by some CD members in this forum. They reversed my first and last name while booking the ticket though i clearly gave my name as in passport through emails. now i am not allowed to board the flight and the booking agent is asking around CAD 500 to issue me a new ticket though it is THEIR FAULT. what to do now? pls advice

Toronto Real Estate Market Watch report - March 2019

sanjeevm: Dear CDs, Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) has released the figures for March 2019 for the residential transactions done through TREB MLS system. Highlights: * Total sales in March 2019 are in-line with the sales figures in March 2018 (7187 and 7188, no difference). * However, for first quarter of 2019, sales are down by 1% as compared to Q1 of 2018. * Supply of New Listings in March 2019 declined by 5% (Year over Year), indicating still a Seller's market. Q1 listings are down by 1% though. * Since the supply of new listings has remained tight, it is supporting price growth. * Average sale price increased from $784,514 to $788,335 (year over year) * There is still competition among the buyers in many pockets of GTA which is resulting in Multiple offers situation. * Townhouse segment has shown double digits growth in Sales in March 2019 (Year over year) * Detached homes are positive in Sales but price wise, still in negative.

Toronto Real Estate Market Watch report - February 2019

sanjeevm: Dear CDs, Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) released the figures for February 2019 for the residential transactions done through TREB MLS system. Highlights: - Total GTA sales in February 2019 were down by 2.4% (year over year) - February 2019 Vs February 2018 - The OSFI mandated mortgage stress test is one of the reasons for lower sales. - New listings also declined by a greater annual rate, creating the tight market (Supply-Demand) condition. - Resulting in average price growth year over year. - MLS home price index and average selling price - both were up modestly. - The prices of Semi Detached type of properties lead the way this month, in terms of growth. The year over year increase in the average selling price for Semi detached was: 9.9%, followed by Condo apartments which saw an increase of 6.1% - Average selling price for Detached properties slided down by 2.1% (year over year) - However, ASP for townhouse remained more or less same. It may still be a good time to upgrade from Semi Detached to Detached property.

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