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Goa Punjab Manipur UP UK

Garvo Gujarati: In a way it is a master stroke by BJP to fall media, congress, left-liberals and other parties into its trap. Remember the days of 2002 and forward? The entire gang listed above was after Mr. Modi. They didn't leave anything behind to defame Narendra Modi.
Garvo Gujarati: Hiren, you don't need to feel sorry! I personally didn't knew much about him. Exactly what you said - anything that is painted by Media - and that can be manipulative - was in my mind as well. We have
hchheda: I am sorry, I don't think there was any hate in my post. I am just alarmed at this choice. A 4 time MLA from same seat and there is hardly any thing to show for his productivity except Ghar vapsi and love jihad kind of activities.
Garvo Gujarati: I am not a supporter of Yogi Aditya Nath. However, he has equal rights as others to become a CM. Don't just hate him just because he is an "Yogi" and wears saffron clothes. He should be judged based on his ability to rule a state as per democratic values.

Taxi options from IGI Delhi airport

kulb: Thank you everyone for your inputs. On the website for Delhi airport, it says they have a relationship with 3 taxi operators namely Meru, Mega, and Easy cabs. I might take one of these. Anyone have any experience using their services?
rajcanada: Your best bet is prepaid taxi at Delhi Airport. Uber and Ola require a local cellphone number with data connection.
Delhite: If you are travelling light with baggage you can handle yourself, metro could be another option. Check out at - LINK
Fido: IIRC there s a prepaid taxi booth operated under Delhi Police supervision. You should be easily able to locate it if you ask some uniformed person or may be a porter also. How it works or used to is

List of Indian Nuclear Scientists who died mysterious deaths

Blue_Peafowl: The World is purely chess game.... but they play on bigger dangerous scale... not all of it outsider's work some of them is our own work ( traitor, secret etc...) better to just stay away from those dirty tricks...
RBO: 11 nuclear scientists had unnatural deaths during a four year period from 2009-13 in the country, as per the latest data provided by Department of Atomic Energy. Out of them, eight scientists and engineers

Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes pulled out of circulation immediately in India !

shobhade: Not true. OCI and PIO can definitely take Rs. Out of India and bring them back into India, within the limits. Both RBI and customs site mention that. So its not just NRI's who are residents of India, who can take Rs.
puttoo: As per RBI notification non residents (excepting residents of Pakistan and Bangladesh) are allowed to carry Rs 25,000 outside the country legally. From RBI's notification: 4. Any person resident
sguk: hmm ... read the below links: LINK LINK which brings us to the crucial issue.


Latest Replies

How many Indians know about Islamic Doctrine Gazwa-e-Hind?

Blue_Peafowl: The biggest problem with Hindu is they are not too busy ...they are coward. They constant fight in between. - forget about raising voice against atrocity or terrorism - most of are just double faces - if minority create trouble they just keep mum...OH ITS NOT OUR BUSINESS , in similar tone if by chance one hindu get upset and take law in hand - they all started going Gung Ho about his act... Don't go far - check our CD forum...
RaOne: More than 100 views and 1 reply? I am not surprised! I myself was unaware of it until a few months ago. The majority of Indians too busy with their careers and families and not interested in finding out what plans are being made about them until it is too late. May I request people here to spread knowledge about the Gazwa-e-Hind doctorine among other clueless Indians?
elmer fudd: Comedy version of Gazwa-e-Hind. LINK LINK

Entry/ Exit Record from UAE

Full House: This is for your guidance only. DNRD is for the residents. If you have No stamping on your Passport, then, look for e-tickets in YOUR e-mail or for an itinerary from your travel agent. Or Credit Card statement. If you traveled in a group, ask for details from someone in that group. LINK GOOD
ranjan.saxena.fb: Hello All, My pr card is under renewal . CIC is asking for Entry / Exit Record from UAE. I was never resident of UAE. I only visited UAE as a tourist few times. Does anybody knows how to get this record from dubai. Do they give for Visitor. Where is the office is it it on main airport terminal 3 or in bur dubai.

Muslim prayer issue reaches boiling point at Peel board meeting

mkannuri: Heard Education minister interview on john oakly show (640AM) in the evening and she seems to be conveniently avoiding few straight questions and giving political speaches. Education Minister, Mitzie Hunter, describes how our province is build on individual freedoms as she explains her support for Muslim prayer rooms in the provinces schools LINK
RBO: The Peel District School Board meeting on Wednesday, March 22 drew a sizable crowd, most of whom voiced their opposition to Muslim prayer in Peel schools. Things got so heated with attendees yelling at the board and each other that Chair Janet McDougald had security clear the room. LINK
luckysaab: You said you are afraid and there really no many ways spin that. It's ok to be afraid if that's what you like.Hey it's a free country. I don't consider myself to be a religious person but I wish I am. Too many chicks to let go. On a serious note, no need to re-purpose schools just give these kids some storage room in school to pray privately.

Lawnmower & Snow blower

mkannuri: My 2cents on this topic is..definitely go for gas lawn mower..check the RFD thread where you will all the comparisions and hot deals Regarding snow blower, i would avoid if its regular 2 car garage drive way. shoveling would be efficient, healthy exercise. We will hardly get once or twice above 10cm snow, even thats not really tough to shovel for an average person (involve your spouse/kids as well).
lemon925: -
RBO: Hi Fido, Go with Gas snow blower for sure...do not buy electrical one. Electrical one is not powerful enough to clear the snow and you have to be careful with electrical wire all the time....too much hassle and not worth it all. If you find any good deals than please share with us. I am in same boat like you and looking for both items....:) 2 cents from myside....;)
cdn_dude: I would recommend a gas powered lawn mower (than electric). If your lawn area is big, then self-propelled will be helpful. I bought a used lawn mower 5 years ago and it is still running great!

PR Card Renewal querry

ranjan.saxena.fb: How you got it UAE Entry/ Exit record. What is the office for it. Is it on immigration department on terminal 3
metouk: Just submit all pages of your passport in color copy . Mention all your passport entry / exit dates details in form . Write separate letter and summarize all your entry / exit details in passport . If you have boarding pass - attach color copy of it . Best luck
simargll.fb: I am in exactly same situation as metouk, the only difference is that to and from between India and Singapore. May I please know what did you do about this request? what documents did you send?
metouk: Thanks Full House . Appreciated
Full House: - Most of us hang on to the travel itinerary and the tickets and the stub for the seating on the flight. If you have the Air Line Ticket, (e-ticket) or generate one from the e-mails, that will generally provide them with all of your travels back and forth to any country. Plus if you have a POLICE CLEARANCE Certificate for the Middle East where you stayed, then it should cover most of what they are looking for.

Newest Posts

Petition for Anti-Sharia Law Amendment to the Canadian Charter

RaOne: Hello Here is an e-petition asking for an amendment to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom stating that Sharia Law or separate Sharia family courts will never have a place in the Canadian Justice System. LINK Thanks.

Gotcha by CRA

Full House: Finally they got them by their 'you know what' ! (The Panama Papers) allows us to showcase how the CRA has changed, Gallivan said. Theres a bit of a paradigm shift for us: no voluntary disclosures and a lot more criminal investigations. That reflects a shift to more severe consequences for people who are participating in aggressive tax avoidance or tax evasion. From now on, the CRA will also fingerprint anyone charged with tax evasion, which could affect their ability to travel abroad. Its about more than revenue, said Gallivan. It sends the message that its not just tax evasion, its not just white collar crime, its a serious criminal offence and it comes with serious criminal consequences. Internationally, Canada has long been considered lax on white collar crime, with few prosecutions and prison sentences measured in months, not years.

Meeting between Chrystia Freeland Canadian Foreign Minister & Rex Tillerson

Vandematram: WOW! David & Goliath meet. LINK Freeland Challenged the US government that if new Border Tax comes we will "Respond Appropriately"!. Just look at what happened at the TTC Union. The TTC Union was a sub unit of an US based union and when the Canadians wanted to break away they fired the Canadian board including Kinnear and also closed and locked the union office and cut the phones. LINK Now Madam Chrystia Freeland has given the message to Uncle REX. Who incidentally is Bhaiya to PUTIN. Our Miss Freeland has been banned from entering RUSSIA. LINK I hope they do not cancel the TN Visa as a part of the NAFTA deal.

The way to become a popular, well rewarded, well awarded Intellectual!

Vandematram: This is how you win Magasaysay Award!. T M Krishna is a Carnatic Musician who is supported by THE HINDU newspaper. He is a known Left Liberal Communist. He is fierce Anti-Hindu, Anti-Modi and a SECULARIST!. He is a Magasaysay award winner. Now he is taking his brand Global. LINK God Save India from its Termites.

What is going on with CMR 101.3 FM station

Vandematram: I listen to this station quite often while driving in GTA. Is this station working with a hidden agenda of Anti-India & Breaking India propaganda. The 11 to 2 PM " Asian Connections " program has become a virtual AAP - Aam Aadmi Party propaganda machine. The party members in the form news journalist are into low quality India bashing and Modi bashing. Whatever you can say have some respect for the Prime Minister of India. They are also hinting at Khalistan !. The Tamil programs and news on the Jallikattu issue also is propagating fake news about the protests and also about appeals filed in Supreme Court of India. They are also propagating news about Tamil Nation propaganda persons of Tamil Nadu liken Seemaan, Gowthaman, Thirumurugan Gandhi who wanted to remove Indian flag

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