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India Discussions

Arnab - One man Army

jack_brigh: Arnab is smart journalist. He goes with the mood of the nation. Agreed sometimes he is very loud and irritating. But he had the guts to take on Pakistan and Kashmiri separatist. He invited them and abused and insulted them and nation wanted to listen to it.
Blue_Peafowl: No one is perfect !!! - But at least he cares for Nation. Everyone play loops holes, he has to get his career going ... TOI is going against him means he doing something good for community ... he has
Delhite: Read here how Arnab created a storm in a cup. Waiting to see if he apologies or not. LINK
Delhite: CBSE - Grade 12 result is out. Delhi Govt Schools get 88% whereas Private Schools get 79%. How come Govt Schools are performing better than private schools. Delhi Govt must did this fraud with hands in gloves with CBSE.

India's political landscape

zindabad: +1. Nationalist ideology can only keep India up . Minority appeasement , castism should not be entertained by voters . See the kind of hard work done by BJP leaders . Modi and his ministers are working hard at govt.
Blue_Peafowl: AND BTW: In less than a year, forces kill Burhan Wanis successor too.. Jai Hind Mani Shankar Aiyar criticized for meeting separatists in Srinagar - Hail Kongress It happens only in INDIA
Blue_Peafowl: She pleased the minority .. lot of and i mean lot of illegal bangla minority ( muslim) , she keep them safe... imam threaten gov of India about sharia law and cleanse up of Hindu's and threaten to make
san-hugo: LoL , Bengal is still under hangover of 34 years rule of communists. Didi can do as much. But 2 good things about her one she stopped the bandhs (work strikes) and two she herself is incorruptible.

One belt one road initiative of China - A toughest test for Modi

Blue_Peafowl: It seems next focus of the world will be Asia. Things are heating up ... China acting like a MAD DOG , India has to play very carefully . I am happy that Modi govt is in power... we need Modi for
Blue_Peafowl: wrong section
Garvo Gujarati: Today's news reports suggest US too will get involve with India, or it will involve India, to counter China's OBOR initiative. It means reviving Cotton road as well. Not sure what difference US will make, but for some of the nations, financial support from the US will expedite the process.
Blue_Peafowl: I think it was called Silk Road OBOR or any other trade route is good for any country ... Yes india might lose bit on not joining BUT again if we join OBOR then we lose the power on POK. National sovereignty must be protected without hesitation .

Sonu Nigam wants to sleep !

Garvo Gujarati: True, It's easy to play with people's sentiments when it comes to religion. However low enforcement's are required too when people don't listen.
san-hugo: Supreme court banned loudspeakers from 10 PM to 8 am. Religious institution does not care and people support these institutions. Gundagardi hai bus....
Garvo Gujarati: There must be a "no-noise" time. Anything that is making noise beyond certain decibel should be banned during the periods of say 11.00 PM till 5.00 AM. That would cover fireworks as well. In
febpreet: Not just 'restricted', but an outright ban. The sound shouldn't come outside of their premises. Plain and simple.
Confused_Canadian: As long as people makes religion their friend and logic their enemy this thing will continue. Not just Mosque all religion has to be restricted in using loud speakers. After certain time there should not be sound pollution regardless of religion.


Latest Replies

Looking for friends in Markham/York region

Full House: I came across this list of the heads with their e-mail addresses in them. Please see if you recognize any names or well known people there in your neighborhood. You can always keep in touch through him or her and get to know others close by. They also maintain a list of Rate Payers and you can get
RCK: We are also North Indian family from Markham family of 4 with 2 small kids. Where abouts in Markham you are at?
Full House: County of Markham is not a large one and you can see the same from the map and its boundaries. I will also provide you here with the Demographics and you can see the mixture of the population there. And if you want to take the initiative to get together with any one near by, you can do so by posting it to the nearest grocery bulletin board and see what kind of response you get.
MeagainMe: Yes, I have checked and there is no related desi meetup group in Markham/York region.

Lawnmower & Snow blower

icame: You can leave the grass clippings on the lawn. The nutrients are returned back to the grass. But once a month or so, you should thoroughly rake your lawn, as the grass clippings left on the lawn can create a thick THATCH. It clogs the lawn. Thick Thatch created from fallen tree leaves or grass
hchheda: Fidoji, I have almost the same size lawn and use a simple electric mower 20". I don't bag the grass and leave it on the lawn. It gets converted into fertilizer and feeds the lawn. The yard looks ugly for 1-2 days but by the 3rd-4th day it looks great, especially when it rains. I bought my mower on Kijiji for $40, works great for me. Hiren
Fido: Folks, Though I had brought the other one a couple of months back , but would be opening it this weekend. LINK Incidentally, the following one is currently on sale as well... Please

Question related to RRSP Unused Contribution

mkannuri: Thanks Sudesingh, I am still struggling to understand the CRA terminologies and rules (Unused deductions, additional deductions limit, unused contributions etc.,), But I am slowly reaching there... I have few more questions bit in detail..will send a PM in the evening after do some more research on my part. rgds MK
sudesingh: RRSP accounts are on individual names, so you and your spouse will have to open separate accounts. Each individual will have their own RRSP limit. In your case you have a limit of $50K while your spouse has a limit of $25K. Let's consider the situation where the wife is not working and does not have a limit at all.
mkannuri: Not sure if this is off topic, but will post anyways as its still related to RRSP. My situation is, I have never contributed to RRSP being self employed and takes under 50k household income from my corporation.. As our TFSA's got maxed out and before jumping into Un-Registered accounts, I would

sposoring parent with a visitor visa

Full House: I am happy that you read that bit and got to understand that portion. This next bit of information is for those who want to apply for the next year which will be for the year 2018. WHICH IS... : ""These 10,000 sponsors have just 90 days to submit a complete application, including all supporting
bani_taani: Thank you again FH. But the 90 days period is for the one who got selected to sponsor the parents. Unfortunately, I am not selected to sponsor my parent and looking to still apply for PR.
Full House: Please choose the 90 days time to apply for Parents and Grand Parents..: LINK FH.
bani_taani: Thank you very much for the information FH. We already have her return ticket and purchased the medical plan. I was looking for the more information about the Parents and Grand Parents FAMILY Reunion plan, but could not find any on the govt website. Can you please provide a link if you see any?


Full House: FORM #5713 .. : LINK FORM # 5476... : LINK FORM. # 5645,, : LINK If you are there at Visa Global attending to all of these in person,
vbakshi: Thank you FH. So you are indicating for online application no form needs physical signature outside their validation where required. That begs a question for the form IMM5645 (use of family representative) where say my mother has to authorize my dad to apply on her behalf. Are you suggesting that IRCC will accept her authorization without her signature?
Full House: Please follow this procedure given below to validate your Forms. : Signing" Forms on cic.gc.ca that are submitted online Can't submit online? Skip down to the section on validating forms. In order to submit any application form online to IRCC, you obviously need to 'sign' it. But though it is possible to "sign" many pdfs nowadays, IRCC hasn't quite caught up to that standard yet.

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Advertising is not permitted in charcha

tony22: Please post in classifieds section.

Faced with terminal cancer, mother fulfills lifelong dream of earning PhD

groupbuyebox: Very heart touching accomplishment: Faced with terminal cancer, mother fulfills lifelong dream of earning PhD LINK Precilla Veigas was more than halfway through her PhD in medical science when she got the grim diagnosis in September 2015. A rare form of abdominal cancer had spread through her body. Doctors told her she had six months to live, a year if she was lucky. Veigas had a teenaged daughter, a husband and a sprawling family in India. She was also engrossed in pursuing the academic goal shed been dreaming of for most of her life. Colleagues at the University of Toronto raised the possibility of medical leave. I said no, Im not going to do that, I want to finish it, recalls Veigas, 44, who says despite the shock, staying focused on her research made her feel clearer and stronger to deal with the medical nightmare that was about to unfold. Difficulties come in life, you cant turn away from them.

Vacation in pei and Nova Scotia

gktaurus: Planning a vacation this summer in PEI and NS for 10 days with family. Looking for some Ideas about the attractions and must see places though I did search various travel related sites, trying to get some feedback from those who visited. We will be travelling from Calgary and would like to fly to NS and back. Appreciate all the feedback. Thanks


Full House: Canada has long been, and continues to be, a land of immigration. Since Confederation in 1867, more than 17 million immigrants have come to Canada. EDIT. : LINK NOW..Intolerance Threatens India's Universities. India's leading institutions face drastic cuts in resources and shrinking space for intellectual freedom. CREDITS are provided at the bottom of the article. (Copy and Paste) Higher education in India is going through a critical phase. The country has witnessed tremendous growth in the sector since independence, and now has 750 universities, 35,000 colleges and 30 million of students. But none of its best institutions have managed to secure a place in the list of the world's top 200 universities. This is particularly worrying as some of India's leading institutions are now facing drastic cuts in employment and resources.

Visa Rejected under SPP category for SEP-2017

bhanuchopra22: Hi, My visa got refused on 14th April based on the following grounds: -You have not satisfied me that you would leave Canada at the end of your stay. In reaching this decision, I considered several factors, including: -purpose of visit -Other reasons:-Your proposed studies are not logical in light of one or more of : previous studies and work experience, academic record, level of establishment in your home country,language abilities and your future plans. I applied for information technology solutions at Humber college for Sep-2017 intake. Previous background: 10th -78% passed out in 2007 12th (PCM) -72% passed out in 2009 Degree/Graduation- B.Tech in Computer Science- 59% passed out in 2013 Backlogs -10 Work experience-3 years as Senior Systems Engineer /Business Analyst current working as consultant in leading CRM company. Please advise.:confused:

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