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India Discussions

Bank accounts in India

rajcanada: You have contact a Chartered accountant who is registered with Income Tax in India. They will prepare form 15CA and 15CB. You have to take those forms and submit paperwork like source of funds and outward remittance form to the bank in India to remit funds to Canada.
new_migrant: Thanks for the advise given by members. Can anyone guide on the exact process and procedures to be followed for remitting funds from NRO A/c in India to Canada.
MITRON: True. No point in bringing your hard earned Indian rupees into this broke country called Canada. It should be the other way round, send money to India from Canada. All my friends in USA send money
GlobalIndian: Please take my advice seriously; since you are now in the great promised land with tremendous opportunities to build your wealth ground-up, leave every dime you have in India to your folks. Let them enjoy a little bit of life in praise of their high-achieving migrant son/daughter in the great west.

Caste system so hard to eradicate - It is a social evil NOT religious !

san-hugo: Religion is not an answer to such a social evil. Education and Urbanisation will cure India from caste system largely if not fully. But many decades and generations later. Caste system will never go from villages, that is the fact and the main challenge.
RaOne: ... While Hinduism is rightly blamed for the caste system in India, many religions that tried to break away from the caste system are not fully successful. The paper below highlights the existence of caste systems in Sikhism, Islam and Christianity. LINK

OCI Application

Full House: Here is the link to BLS, Check list for submission of OCI Application. LINK See if all of the boxes are ticked. If they are then, the application that you submitted is COMPLETE. FH.
zindabad: About documents for OCI . I sent email to ministry of foreign affairs and then follow up with CGI Vancouver and BLS -Surrey office and get email confirmation from them that only Indian passport to be submitted in original ( for surrender ) and Landing paper in original or notorized copy .
zindabad: Thanks Pendse & Full house . I prepared affidavit as mentioned by you and get signed+ stamped by commissioner of oath . About signature he advised my wife to sign in blue , he mentioned that there is no harm to sign in black but to its easy to distinguish if she sign in blue .

Travelling with PIO Card ...

Smiley: I travelled with the PIO card to India about 2 weeks back and had no issues ...
puttoo: Travelled in May this year and will travel again in November.
meitsme: Thanks puttoo. Would you mind to tell me when did you travel to India last time with PIO card and old/new Canadian passport?
puttoo: Travelling to India you can never get 100% confirmation ...... However i dont think there will be an issue. I have travelled to India a number of times with a PIO that has old expired Canadian passport number.
meitsme: Thanks. Under new Information, I noticed that PIO holder can travel with old/new Canadian passport. "The PIO cardholders may, however, carry the valid passport which is endorsed on the PIO card
Full House: Please read carefully and use it to your advantage. There are two more months before you do travel. See if they will renew the same GRATIS. fh - PIO IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR PIO CARDHOLDERS. This is to inform that all PIO cards issued till 09.01.2015 are deemed to be OCI card.


Latest Replies

It Professional Recently moved to Edmonton,Alberta from India &finding jobs

tamilkuravan: Further to the good comments given, you can fake your resume saying that you have a masters here and that you have worked for 3 or 4 years in canada. take your india projects and say that you did it in canada. for $ 20 an hour IT job no one checks your employers. they only check references who can
MITRON: which automatically scans your resume, when you apply for a job and rejects the resume based on whether it matches the job description or not. NO human eye sees your resume in the initial stages, only the ATS does. The resumes selected by the ATS then go to the hiring or HR manager for further manual review. Some HR managers are stupid the set the filters for the ATS system really high, so lot of good resumes also get rejected by the ATS.
MITRON: Don't underestimate yourself and don't devalue your education, skills & qualifications just because Canada doesn't value it or recognises it. The racist white people here, have an agenda. They deliberately devalue your education/experience as you are a threat to them. They know if you realise your full potential, you will go much above them.

Canadian Passport renewal form for 12 year old

MITRON: Yes, below 16 its the same. You can't use the renewal form, only the NEW passport form, if you are below 16. Only if you are 16 or older you can use & are eligible for the renewal form. LINK Plus kids only get a 5 yr PP. Adults have a choice of 5 or 10 yrs PP.
smiley1: Yes within Canada So renewal application is SAME as new passport. I was confused there.
sudesingh: Here you go... LINK I'm assuming from within the country...
smiley1: Just a bit confused! which form to use for Child's Canadian Passport renewal (12 year old)

Canadian Citizenship Application

MITRON: I have used Google CHROME without any issues whatsoever. Also used CHROME for my Passport application and every year use it to net file my income taxes on CRA. So you are very incorrect, IE is not the ONLY one for govt. sites. Also helped a few people with EI ,OAS, CPP applications on Service Canada using CHROME.
sarvjits: Blue_Peafowl is very correct, i just filled the same form for my brother. IE is the only one for govt. sites
Many: Oh great; that was helpful.
Blue_Peafowl: Use Internet Explorer for any govt website... other browser might have some issues.
MITRON: Also having Adobe Acrobat Reader ( Free Software ) helps. As most forms are in PDF format and you might need Acrobat reader to open those forms and print them & sign them or something like that.
MITRON: No. Not much to do with the Operating System you are using like Win 8.1 or 10 or anything like that. Its more to do with the Internet browser you are using to browse the internet. Some very old versions of Internet Explorer , Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari browser might not work, due to safety & security issues.

Apply for WELFARE as soon as you land in Canada if you are an Immigrant.

MITRON: I guess, when you get NO job in Canada & NO work in Canada, due to racism & discrimination, you have NO choice but to go on welfare. You have spent thousands of dollars in coming to Canada & day by day your savings are dwindling, so no harm in applying for welfare & breaking even. You can always go back after you break even.
permadas: Welcome to tamilkuravan and hope we can get good suggestions and tips from him as always. It is no good to know that he is unemployed now in India but it is same with most of us when someone go back to India after working in Canada. It is better to apply for benefit if you are unemployed in Canada but Service Canada would ask for 900 hours completed in any job and you have to show them proof in form of ROE or Record of Employer.
pipedream: I dont know how people look at this thing , less pollution, an opportunity to make a living, live with family in a peaceful environment far from the hullabaloo of communal tension, religious insanity, strikes/bands/disruptions, and jealousies/hate of people. An opportunity to make a living is all I care; I dont mind the kind of job.

Urgent Help required for FBI PCC from India

Full House: They are the only ones that can help you. It takes 10 days from them to CIC and they will merge the same automatically. They do not acknowledge receipt also. There is only one party there in India who helps you accomplish this and they are IFS. You said that you contacted some one in New Delhi and I think that you are close to them there.
amit_icis: CIC has asked FBI PCC for my spouse who is Indian Citizen (Neither US PR or US Citizen )and who lived for more than 6 months in US. So, she called one Big Agency in Delhi and below response via mail received . Agency was saying that the Process will be Expedited and within 1-2 weeks Report will be available.

Newest Posts

Parent Super Visa (InLaws)

G13: Hi friends, Does anyone know how the super visa works? I meet the minimum income threshold criteria but my wife doesn't. My wife wants to apply super visa for her mother. Would she apply or I can apply too? If it is only that she can apply, what is the minimum income cutoff criteria - her own income, or combined family income (mine and her income). Sorry that I have to ask this here, CIC call centre is fully choked for past week, tried several times.

Online places for north indian style headbands, shawls?

uday62: my cousin has opened a pooja store in south india. her customers needs north indian style headbands, shawls, uparna etc with prints like Om, Jai shree ram, Swastik and all. the customers are not affluent so looking for inexpensive but durable items. Any online places to suggest?

Basement contractor not completing job

smiley1: We hired this basement contractor in March and he started to make our basement. Since we had applied fr permit from the city, it took a bit longer to get that and in meantime he started another project which he said,will be done by May. Its almost end of the year and he is still only 30% done with our project. Can we complain about him at some place and get him blacklisted or smnthg and get our money back..so that no one else gets into this trouble.

Can wife applying for Express Entry claim my sister as family member

windsorscotia: Hello: I am Indian Citizen applying for express entry from UK (Currently living in UK for 8 years on Indian passport. My husband's sister is Canadian citizen living in Canada. Can I fill in my husband's family member as a Canadian Citizen living in Canada. I am going to be principal applicant. Thanks

Joke : the weakness of the Chinese army is revealed !

RaOne: ... The Chinese military says excessive masturbation and too many video games are among the reasons its physical-test failure rates have reached an alarming high. LINK

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