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OCI-Moved back home - What formalities are needed for Tax non residency ?

cdn_dude: In SHORT - This is all you do while leaving Canada. - Make sure you do NOT have ANY PRIMARY ties to Canada. (no residence, no family members living in Canada) - Close all your bank accounts (so
pendse: Huh ? Forget warmer. Isn't June hot in Canada ?
Full House: You are getting warmer.. You must be living in India. FH. -
pendse: What do you mean you can easily track him ? You don't even know, who he is . He didn't even bother to take OCI and cancel his Indian passport. From India he went to Dubai, then Canada and now back to Dubai. Basically a Canadian citizen living in Dubai, with both Cad and Indian passport.
Full House: Once a Canadian ALWAYS a Canadian. DO NOT let the Passport Expire. 30 days prior to EXPIRY DATE, get it renewed for another 10 Years, FH. I can easily track him, even without knowing his name.

India's political landscape

Delhite: Found this around 2 years old program clip. Very funny and creative. Don't take it otherwise - purely for entertainment purposes. LINK
Garvo Gujarati: Businessworld a mood of the nation survey and a corporate India survey. The top five best-performing Ministers according to the Corporate India survey were Piyush Goyal, Nitin Gadkari, Suresh Prabhu, Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley.
Garvo Gujarati: Goondaraj in Delhi: Law and order in Delhi are with the LG. He must catch the culprits quickly. How to silence opposition is an art that Kejriwal has mastered, but attempts to kill opponents is too much.
Garvo Gujarati: There are number of surveys, on questions like leadership - Modi is miles ahead of the competition. And that is not a surprise. He has changed India's political narrative forever. Those who understand that India have changed and aspirations of her people have changed, will only survive in future.

How to get a Job in India ? What are good Job portals or any other methods

Blue_Peafowl: U r all over the places... anyways its time to act... start selling on amazon ... it works in canada as well as India. for Canada you sale cheap stuff,,, for india u sale fancy stuff
pendse: I am hoping to get Rs. 1 Lac per month in India. So 12 Lac , Annual salary. I mostly have some Sales and Retail experience from Canada. Worked in Various retails stores in Canada . Also I have some E-Commerce experience in Canada, briefly worked for Amazon Canada.
pendse: I have tried Job portals like Monster India, Naukri , Times Jobs, Indeed etc in India. But very few companies seem to advertise directly on them. Plus most jobs are for Freshers. Its mostly low level recruiter's advertising jobs on these job portals.

The state of current Indian media

febpreet: This is indeed wonderful and spellbound on all fronts. I watched it yesterday in my FB feed. This guy surely speaks from his heart and truest to the core. I wish him success all along. Really wish for
Delhite: The fake news media will become a monster when the main stream media will join hands with this fake news media, politicians and corporates. There will be news on steroids, away from the reality and day to day issues of the common persons.


Latest Replies

If you are a NEW Immigrant, ONLY have a 3 Year Plan for Canada !

Full House: How is life in the fast lane. Also welcome back to ``CILIVIZATION` Those are the kinds of comments I am facing every alternate posting and I grin and bear it. But it reminds me of the good old days that everyone had to face. So the twist to the spelling. Every post I used to tell the people who questioned about CITIZENSHIP, you have to wait for a few more days.
chandresh: Oh really??? When did this rule change? I thought it was 4 years, but obviously I am not upto date with changes brought to immigration and citizenship policies. However, I wonder if one does not want to stay in Canada, why would one want to get Canadian citizenship - can someone enlighten me on this?
icame: After coming here. Either leave immediately after seeing the nonsense over here. Do some sightseeing before leaving, as you have spent lot of money in coming here. OR, leave after 3 years with Citizenship and passport. So either a 0 year plan or a 3 year plan. Any other plan and you will waste your life and time in the Frozen Tundra. I had a well qualified friend who came here as an immigrant.

Moving to Canada -Global Talent Stream

Full House: I would URGE you to do the same. Also if you decide to continue or extend, then you have an idea as to how well you like it and how well you were treated here. Waterloo is a safe area and it has slowed down considerably since the closure of a few divisions in Blackberry and all of the hoopla associated with their activities.
phoenix-sat17: Greetings! Planning to process my work visa in Global Talent stream category from the USA. After getting work permit shall I bring my family? Suggestion needed for moving to Canada, living cost in Waterloo area, safety,3-year-old schooling, and spouse getting job Things to get prepared before moving.

SAP - gATP functional consultant position (US project)

Delhite: Seems like you read my mind and I am totally agree on each and every word except this "at the right time I shall go back to India to retire......simply because at that time company of school friends and family will be all that I will need". I am also a very social person. When I was around 25 years old, on some occasion, had a group photo of my friends only.
pendse: Brampton is like India anyways. 18 % population is Sikh in Brampton. Add other brown people to that, and I wouldn't be surprised if 40 % of Brampton is desis. So you haven't settled in Canada. You have basically settled in Little India in Canada, so no wonder you like it. Even Delhi doesn't have 18 % Sikh population like Brampton.
Delhite: In 1999, when I was in the similar dilemma whether to go or not go, leaving a well settled life in India, one of friends, who had well-travelled abroad in those days, advised me to take a risk of 2 years. He said that I have lived in India for almost 35 years so if I can take a risk of 2 years, I should go for 2 years, try my best in upgrading myself, learning the rules of the land and exploring the potentials in the western world.

is it real Canada....?? -Woman demands to see white doctor at Mississauga

Delhite: I believe it is not a question of color of skin or race, the important factor is 'How connected are you with the regulatory body'. In Ontario, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario is the regulatory body for medical professionals. To me, it looks like a club of medical professionals with restricted entry.
chandresh: I have been told that it is more difficult for a British or German White immigrant doctor to become a qualified doctor here in Canada than a South Asian brown doctor. Any guesses or known reasons - why?
icame: I am talking about immigrant non-white doctors who come here. They are all driving cabs and doing pizza delivery. You need to be more in touch with reality. Not about non-white doctors, who are born and brought up here. Plus Brampton has lot of brown and Sikh people, who only want to go to brown doctors and not white doctors.
kulb: Sadly, what you said is true.

international student marriage

Full House: You still have a little time on your hands. So, plan your wedding well and do it the proper way and also in the City Hall and get a Marriage License and it could be done in 30 days. (Unless you both have already tied the knot.) You must by now know most of what it is that you should do to prove and consolidate the Married status.
ROBIN6869: Thank you very much for the response and sorry for creating new threadI am not used to this site but will be good shortly. Now We are getting married just in couple of days. From your reply I figured out that if we are married officially than it is possible to get OWP for both of us. QUE- *Can you tell me procedure to make it possible even if she will complete only 1 year diploma course. *Should I go for a lawyer or I can do it myself ?
Full House: I am sure by now you know that there is no such classification in the Canadian Immigration system such as Girl Friend and Fiancee. So, it has to be either Spouse or a Common Law Relationship with your Partner. So, please read through the next two paragraphs and see what it is that you want to do. You may apply to sponsor a common-law partner to Canada, of the opposite sex or the same sex.

Newest Posts

What the....???

G13: I stumbled upon a documentary last weekend and found it to be an eye opener from many perspectives. Sharing with our folks on this forum, for everyone's benefit. What the Health LINK It is available on Netflix and rated 8.5/10 on IMDB Sadly - it has been rated only by under 1000 users - entertainment and fiction stuff gets so much immediate attention! Share something good in return, and I mean a highly rated, exceptional documentary / movie! :cheers:

'Hijabs and long beards are a middle finger to the West' : Dr.Tanveer Ahmed

RaOne: Bangladeshi-born psychiatrist Tanveer Ahmed says : Muslim teens resent West. Hijabs and beards are a 'middle finger' to society. He spoke of how children from Muslim families are taught to blame the West. LINK

Travel companion from Tornto to London or to Manchester in Aug

Aashu: Looking for travel companion from Toronto to London or to Manchester in Aug (any date) ... Thanks

Toronto ISIS story - two perspectives !


Tarek Fatah's column: The roots of Islamist terrorism

RaOne: .. LINK

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