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MCD Elections - Any better deal for Delhi ?

zindabad: It is heartening to see Kejru and his party which is extremely dangerous for the unity, integrity and internal security of the country has been completely rejected by the people .
RBO: Congrats to BJP....No wonder now drama will start by AK-49. Kejirwal: "Suniye Ji,...Maine to pahle hi aapko bataya tha Ji, Yeh sab BJP aur Modi ki chaal hai ji...;) All EVM machines were tampered
Canada_Ka_Bhikari: Khujliwal has lot of excuses when he loses.
Garvo Gujarati: Sisodia: BJP was working on an art to hack EVM Machines since 2009. Khetan: This is an EVM Wave. Kejriwal: _____________________ (Fill in the blanks, there is so much in media) What kind of
dhaval: Dear AAP, I would request you to please raise EVM Tempering issue more strongly , oppose Demonetization , Raise your doubt on surgical strike , Fight election in Gujarat , MP , HP projecting Khujliwal as a CM and do a Dharna on Jantar Mantar and use derogatory remarks on Modi and his team.

Sonu Nigam wants to sleep !

Garvo Gujarati: True, It's easy to play with people's sentiments when it comes to religion. However low enforcement's are required too when people don't listen.
san-hugo: Supreme court banned loudspeakers from 10 PM to 8 am. Religious institution does not care and people support these institutions. Gundagardi hai bus....
Garvo Gujarati: There must be a "no-noise" time. Anything that is making noise beyond certain decibel should be banned during the periods of say 11.00 PM till 5.00 AM. That would cover fireworks as well. In
febpreet: Not just 'restricted', but an outright ban. The sound shouldn't come outside of their premises. Plain and simple.
Confused_Canadian: As long as people makes religion their friend and logic their enemy this thing will continue. Not just Mosque all religion has to be restricted in using loud speakers. After certain time there should not be sound pollution regardless of religion.

This TV show is transforming India - Fatah Ka Fatwa

RaOne: Can anyone here please explain what Luckysaab is trying to say in the underlined part? I read the text above three times but couldn't understand what he is getting at.
luckysaab: You are not increasing awareness of your fellow Indians but promoting hate and misinformation about Muslims. You are creating divisions. India doesn't have religious problem we only have corruption and criminals.
RaOne: Lucksaab, There has to be a rationale response to talk about. I am too busy to argue with someone who keeps crying victim with no desire for introspection. LINK Also,
luckysaab: If you can't defend then shout takiya or fallacy. Next anti-islam post ... <LongLiveCanada>

Planning to go to India in August on PIO card ? Any issues ..

loveall: You still have time , I suggest apply for the PIO to OCI conversion as soon as possible. Govt has streamlined conversion process tremendously. I have gone thru this process a few months back and had no
rajcanada: This was the press release by Consulate in Toronto. Not sure about conversion process but routine process to get OCI is about 2 months. From: LINK - The
Smiley: Has anybody traveled lately on PIO card to India? Did you have any issues .. Thanks


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Full House: You all have been asking us good questions and here are a few answers to it. Please read through the link. Jump at it as it will get filled very soon. It is a PNP Program from them. (NS) Prepare yourself to register and get in. A popular Canadian immigration stream in Nova Scotia will reopen for the first time since 2015 in the coming weeks, the province has announced.
Canada_Ka_Bhikari: So you think , Reality and Facts = Pessimistic ? Are you coming to Canada because you could not find anything in India ? If not, you might as well as have chosen to stay home, instead of coming here and wasting the prime of your life. You think I am the bad guy ? I am saving you and your family
Smartwork: Hi All Can anybody please explain as to why the person with the ID Canada_ka_Bikhari so pessimistic in all of his answers. If he could not find anything in Canada, he could as well chosen to go to his home rather than staying there Thanks and Regards

Visa Rejected under SPP category for SEP-2017

rajcanada: If you feel that way, spamming the board with the same thing on each thread in CD is not going to help. There are other ways like write to your MP, write to CIC, organize protests with likeminded people, start an NGO to save all immigrants from working in McDonalds. The cause is so close to your heart but you want to do nothing about it but only spam CD?
Canada_Ka_Bhikari: Does the immigration department advertise the truth that we need immigrant doctors, engineers, CA's, Architects, MBA's to do low level low class unskilled physical labour jobs in Canada ? Or don't they advertise the fake Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) , 67 points, Express Entry - Bull crap ? Don't they advertise the Bull Shit - National Occupational Classification (NOC) crap ?
rajcanada: I am not asking you to sing praises of Canada but coming to Canadiandesi just to bash Canada on every post does not serve any purpose. Today, in the age of internet, people are much better informed what they are getting into before they land in Canada, so it is their choice. They are considering immigration after doing their due diligence and if they are not researching, it is their fault.

Is bahubali 2(hindi) releasing at Cineplex brampton or Missisauga?

Canada_Ka_Bhikari: I think some other South India movie which was being played in Cineplex, some Sri Lankans or some Tamils released some obnoxious poisonous gas. The theatre had to be evacuated. Maybe it was politically motivated - some LTTE stuff. Or some rival Indian theatre doing that to get business for themselves. So Cineplex must be scared now and don't want to release any South Indian - Tamil, Telugu type of movies in GTA anymore . :cuss:
jack_brigh: Is baahubali 2(Hindi) releasing at cineplex in Brampton or Mississauga?I searched for it on their website and it does not show up. It is strange they bought movies like Noor which is running into its second week at silver city Brampton, with almost empty halls and they are not bringing such a mega movie.

Driving license

Full House: Please try and obtain a G2 Licence here in Ontario within the first 90 days. Sooner the better. There are a few driving schools that will provide you with a test vehicle, if you have no access to one. ** New Ontario residents If you are a new resident of Ontario and have a valid driver's licence from another province or country, you can use that licence for 60 days in Ontario.
kennylowenherz: i am having a student visa.
Full House: Ontario will permit you to drive in Ontario for a period of 90 Days from the date of entry, when you have an IDP and a Valid Driver's Licence with a Picture ID from the Country of Issue where you got your IDP. Also you must read the rules permitting the same in other Provinces on their own website, as
kennylowenherz: Till how much time international driving license is valid to drive in Canada, and is issued from India.

May 21 (Sun) - CD Picnic in Toronto - Long Weekend - Centennial Park.

sudesingh: I suggest to move it out to later in the summer when the weather warms up. Not to say the weather won't warm up by then (at least I hope it does). It's still a bit too early (weather-wise). Additionally a lot of people start their gardening that weekend and kids are still in school busy preparing for their exam. My 2 cents..
rajcanada: You yourself do not find it worthy to support your cause :clap:
Canada_Ka_Bhikari: This thread is about the great CD picnic. Not some foolish agenda of yours. Garvo Punjabi can you delete his post, he is taking the thread of a tangent :clap:
rajcanada: Canada_Ka_Bhikari, why don't you organize a protest march outside McDonald's Canada Head Office or outside CIC? It will keep you busy and further your cause. If you can gather a big enough crowd, you could even be in local newspapers and TV.
Full House: I have a tentative LMC (last minute Cancellation ticket) to Cancun and it is going for $400.00 for 7 days. Thats a good deal. It is good time everywhere but hard to give up that good an offer (a seat). Still, I will tentatively join you at the Park on that day and get to meet all of the CDs who part take on that day.

Newest Posts


Full House: Canada has long been, and continues to be, a land of immigration. Since Confederation in 1867, more than 17 million immigrants have come to Canada. EDIT. : LINK NOW..Intolerance Threatens India's Universities. India's leading institutions face drastic cuts in resources and shrinking space for intellectual freedom. CREDITS are provided at the bottom of the article. (Copy and Paste) Higher education in India is going through a critical phase. The country has witnessed tremendous growth in the sector since independence, and now has 750 universities, 35,000 colleges and 30 million of students. But none of its best institutions have managed to secure a place in the list of the world's top 200 universities. This is particularly worrying as some of India's leading institutions are now facing drastic cuts in employment and resources.

Pakistani mullah's kind words for Hindus, Sikhs, Jews and Christains

RaOne: .. This is what a Pakistani mullah has to say about Hindus, Sikhs, Jews and Christians: LINK

Visa Rejected under SPP category for SEP-2017

bhanuchopra22: Hi, My visa got refused on 14th April based on the following grounds: -You have not satisfied me that you would leave Canada at the end of your stay. In reaching this decision, I considered several factors, including: -purpose of visit -Other reasons:-Your proposed studies are not logical in light of one or more of : previous studies and work experience, academic record, level of establishment in your home country,language abilities and your future plans. I applied for information technology solutions at Humber college for Sep-2017 intake. Previous background: 10th -78% passed out in 2007 12th (PCM) -72% passed out in 2009 Degree/Graduation- B.Tech in Computer Science- 59% passed out in 2013 Backlogs -10 Work experience-3 years as Senior Systems Engineer /Business Analyst current working as consultant in leading CRM company. Please advise.:confused:

Egyptian denounces some jurisprudence in Hadees

RaOne: .. Video: LINK


Full House: We get side tracked a lot of times with all of the other news that seems very important. And when we do that we miss the most important of all of them, which is our own health. I just caught up with one such important news and I thought I will bring it to the attention of the CD group who might have this product in their pantry or in day to day use. If so, please be aware that there is a RECALL of this product and might be able to exchange the same for a better grade or brand and escape the agony of suffering the health problem that they could encounter with its use. HEADS UP! guys. Sorry for the delay. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has added more items to its recall, initially issued March 28 and first expanded last week, including various sizes of Robin Hood Best for Blending flour,

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