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All we need to know about NRE / NRO Account

Full House: They are changing the rules. But it is slow in coming. FH. LINK
ChandraGupt: I was searching to find which account is suitable for OCI holders like me & came across this article -hope it may answer questions of people interested in these accounts. LINK Many

Super Star Thalaiva RajniKanth enters Politics

Delhite: Anyone with good intentions of clean politics should be welcome. BJP was going to join hands with DMK after the 2G verdict. Some people think the 2G verdict was influenced by the future prospects of including DMK to the NDA.
zindabad: Tamilians are living in dream so dream merchants like Rajni / Kamal -film starts exploit this mentality . Why don't Tamilians choose Congress or BJP ?? What did they gain by electing MGR / Jaya / Karuna ? I wish Rajni fails in this adventure .
Vandematram: RajniKanth has entered politics yesterday. Please register here and support him to clean the Tamilnadu Political Septic Tank. By paying Rupees 10,000 per vote & TTVD winning RK Nagar things have to change for good. Please register: LINK


reddevil: Thanks for this.I'll bother my accountant on this.
Full House: In the next NINE months, all of the investments made by you in your name, there in India, will be made available to CRA/IRS as the case may be, but linking an account to an individual will be once again will become a lot difficult for anyone, unless they voluntarily submit it to the tax people.
MITRON: No, don't bother doing that.
reddevil: thank you for the replies. One last query Should I declare my Indian income (I pay tax on it to IT dept in India) to CRA.
Many: in general rs 2.5 lakhs is Exempt. But for NRIs tax deduction happens even for rs5 income; you get refund later only if you file Tax returns cause annual income upto rs2.5 lakhs is supposed to be exempt.

India Visa Validity

CrazeeGhost: Thanks
MITRON: Yes you can travel without any issues. The 6 month validity is for your passport, not your VISA. Your passport should not be expiring in 6 months after you land, but even that they don't bother checking
CrazeeGhost: If my India Visa expires in May 2018 can i travel to India in March for about a month? Or do I need 6 months of valid Visa before I arrive in India. I understand that for most countries you can enter anytime before the Expiration date and you're given your stay duration at the time of arrival.


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PR Card Expire, Citizenship is applied

Many: Hope the OP had received communication saying Application received or Application under processing
love_n_peace: THANK YOU MR. FULL HOUSE
Full House: Here are my two bits on the subject matter. Since your Parents applied for their Passports and the processing is still in hand, you are sure of getting a call by June of 2018 for a swearing-in ceremony, and will receive the same in July of this year. Being the Summer months at that time of the year, there could be a slight delay.
love_n_peace: Hello, I have applied for my parent's citizenship in July 2017. Their PR card expired in December 2017. Should I applied for PR card or just wait for citizenship. They do not wish to travel at this moment. Please advise Thanks

Canadian citizenship, Renewal of PR, Staying with spouce in US on TN visa

Full House: You are currently, now a PR. You have free entry into Canada with your P.R. That will enable you to enter into Canada and stay here, either alone - all by yourself OR with your spouse and family and build up the sufficient number of days and then qualify by yourself and then APPLY by yourself for the
thakkar.jimish: Hi, I'm living with my spouce who's canadian citizen in US. My spouce works here on TN visa. I got my canadian PR as well about 3 years back. My questions is: "Does my time here in US with my spouce counts towards the requirement of 3 year stay in Canada to be able to apply for citizenship?" Please help.


Full House: It is Good to get to know these basics, BASIC FUNDAMENTALS..: LINK Here are some terms and the VOCABULARY that is worth knowing. We all can learn and discuss the same at length when the interest tweaks up.. PS I am not really rich. Download
Full House: I love this Language and the etiquette too. And then, I would certainly help her to get to know all about the Stock Markets right from the basics. Doing research into topics and subject matters that we all live with here, each and every day, and the uncanny knack to delve deeper into it has become my second nature.
febpreet: FH, your wits never cease to amaze. :). Keep it up!
Full House: "Please bare with me.I might sound really silly." My wife is a very Jealous woman. I also have Painting as a hobby and my arsenal contains a lot of water colours and crayons and different grades of pencils ranging from HB to 6B. My neighbor is a Drop Dead full figured woman, well stacked

OACETT PPE exam questions

Full House: Make a run to the George Brown Campus, OR Centennial College and meet with the head of the faculty there and collect all of the Question Papers at that location. I am sure a few will still be available to you and with the EXACT Exam that you want to take a shot at. They all are trained well and so any student can also help you. Here is some additional help.
Toronto2018: I am preparing for the OACETT PPE exam. Do you have any suggestions/tips for the exam? anybody has past exam papers or questions by chance? Any help will be highly appreciated. thanks

PPE - Lets help each other for the PPE on23rd Apr ... Any insights?

Toronto2018: I am preparing for the OACETT PPE exam. Do you have any suggestions/tips for the exam? anybody has past exam papers or questions by chance? Any help will be highly appreciated. thanks
firenox: Same here if anyone has questions from the PPE let me know!
sarj55: Hello, I took the PPE PEO exam last year with Bob Loree <a href="http://exps.org">ExPS</a> and didn't have any trouble with it. There are a few freely available old exams that I can share with you.. Also, I would be happy to share my experience with the exam. Please let me know if you have any questions... S
daljeet: i need help on oacett ppe exam any have question pl give me . daljeetsi@yahoo.com
mush49: Hello every body, I wrote my PPE exam for OACETT certification back in Aug 2008, and passed it. I from time to time get mails from people asking me I could be of any help on passing the exams. So here is what I have to say about it. 1. First of all there is no past exam papers included in the study guide/material. 2.

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Usually dystrophy; muscle; non-metastatic comfortable rural limp.

idubusoyic: Transitional

Laptop recommendation for Sci-Tech Grade 7 student

smiley1: HI My daughter goes to Sci tech and we are looking for a new laptop for her which is lightweight (she has to bring it to school everyday in bus) and also in reasonable price range Any recommendations?

Continue French Immersion or switch to IBT and go to English

msmann: Hi CDs Peel School Board Area My daughter is in grade 5 French Immersion. She loves learning french and she is pretty good at it. Now it is time to think about IBT/IB etc. One thing I found out is that if you want to go to these regional programs you have only one school for your area and if you are selected, then there is no more french immersion, it would be just English. Two questions 1. What is better for Kids future? French Immersion OR IBT? 2. I read online about university admissions. Looks like most weight for admission is on kids Grade 12 grades. So, if you went through IBT school and later on in Grade 12 your kid gets 90% and then another kid gets 92%, Kid with 92% will get admission if cut off is at 91%. There is no weight for IBT program here. Any feedback, specially from personal experience would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Full House: If you can find the rebroadcast of this event, please find the same and enjoy the performance of this SAVANT.: LINK A previous Article posted here on the CD Website earlier on. LINK LINK Derek's Web site. : LINK Musical Genius. : LINK NJOY. FH. Software that can convert Keystrokes to Lead Sheets. (Sound to Score) Edit- 1 : LINK

ExpressEntryNEW. EDIT 4

Full House: Are you the lucky one !! Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has invited 2,000 candidates in the Express Entry pool to apply for Canadian permanent residence in a draw that took place the morning of Wednesday, November 8. The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of the lowest-ranked candidate issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) was 458. This latest draw, the 77th to take place since Express Entry was first introduced in January, 2015 and the 27th so far this year, is the first draw to operate under a new procedure whereby in the event that multiple candidates have tied CRS scores, profiles are ranked according to the date and time of submission of the profiles, with profiles that have been in the pool longer being prioritized for invitation over newer profiles. This tie-break policy was first unveiled by IRCC as a possible future strategy last June.

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