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Returning from Work at Kutchh
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Cannot get it anywhere or in any book store !! It is in DEMAND.

Full House: I read a few anecdotes submitted by readers of the book on a different thread. Having read those, I wanted to get hold of the book. It is out of publication. I submitted a request to the local library to get me a loaner.
caseywhite: Hi, this is a great thread
Full House: The picture that you have provided in your today's post fits to a 'tee' the caption to the article that I brought to your attention here. I will see if I can get a small cross section of a chapter from
Full House: Muslim League Attack on Sikhs and Hindus in the Punjab 1947. It is a compilation. Find sources: "Muslim League Attack on Sikhs and Hindus in the Punjab 1947" – news · newspapers · books

Delhi Elections - AAPic Battle

Text-align: I don't expect anything better from brainless people. This the comedy I like. Thanks for doing it.
zindabad: BJP Vote Share in Delhi 32.3% in 2015 38.8% in 2020. 6.5% Increase AAP vote share in Delhi 54.3% in 2015 53.6% in 2020 . 0.7% Decrease Why no journalist is calling it moral victory like they do every time when BJP win ?
metouk: आखिरकार कांग्रेस की शतरंजी बिसात
zindabad: The defeat at the elections is possible but not this type of crushing defeat. Not only Manjo Tiwari but all Delhi BJP leaders who took active role in fighting this elections should resign from their respective posts as they have not done any serious work during last five years.

www.icicibank.com - Cannot access! For last 4 days!

Full House: Here are a few others that are in the same boat.: LINK -
MITRON: Can someone access LINK , website. For past 4 days it is inaccessible to me. I keep on getting the error below! I have tried different browsers and computers, but still same error. IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.

Visiting Chennai after a few years & loving it !

JRF: Hahaha பாட்டும் நானே பாடலும் நானே போல.. கேள்வியும்
tamilkuravan: Sir, I am in Chennai and at Siruseri (OMR). I was there when Modi and Xi came to Kancheepuram. They passed by my house. Please contact me at 7510869618 Murali
MITRON: You mean you are making 20 Lac down payment & 80 lac will be mortgage? Or you got a steal & an impossible deal & getting a 1 crore flat for 20 Lacs? I have seen some distress selling for as much
Vandematram: Came to Chennai after a few years. Loving every minute of it. Got my Aadhaar card. Linked it to PAN card. Got a Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro phone with case and screen protector for RS.13,000 (CAD $ 260) dual SIM.


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CEC Express entry with zero work experience : Eligibility to apply

sajmad: It's over a week now that I wrote to the MP of my area. Awaiting response. I am not sure whether he will be interested in helping foreign students. Lets see. Anyway, thanks for your advice.
Full House: Currently, with the CRS Score you have and ONE year's EXPERIENCE here in Canada will provide you with an ENTRY as a PR into Canada. Things do change. That is where your MP plays a BIG Role in getting you the entry into Canada. Your ONE year's M.S. will get you a Work Permit for a like period. With this COVID 19 they will extend it further.
sajmad: Thanks, I am in Scarbrough ,TO. However I only did my Masters degree in Canada from UoT which was of a 1 year duration. Will that EXEMPTION and MP's help still apply? But could you also clarify whether having at least 1 year experience was mandatory for CEC Express entry application?
Full House: Currently they are providing EXEMPTIONS for students who completed their THREE Year Degrees. So, you are in LUCK. Where do you live. Who is your Member of the Parliament. Please call and tell them the predicament that you are in. He will work to help you and get you a THREE Year Work Permit and get you to stay.

Help a Student

Full House: If you are still interested in pursuing your advancement in Education here in Canada....He He... please drop us a note here. We always help you. Five Years is a very long time to follow up. Cheers. FH.
fertooos: Hello. I hope you helped solve your problem. As a student, you will have other problematic situations. Get ready for that. I recommend taking note of several services that help students with written assignments. Something like this LINK cheap essay writing service. We are all students and should help each other.
mohin13: Hi, I am an Immigration Consultant, based in Toronto. I have replied to Students earlier also thru this forum and also privately ( when asked). According to me there will be no Certified Consultant in Mumbai since the requirements of CSIC is that the Member has to be a Canadian Citizen / P/R. There are several factors that go into getting a Visa or getting a Rejection Letter.

Any Good Fishing Spot

Full House: Learn more about urban fishing There are FOUR times a year that they permit to fish FREE. We can Google and find those locations in Ontario too. Here is a little bit of information on this subject: Licence-free family fishing Dates that Canadian residents can fish in Ontario without a licence, and
Panasonic: Hello, Is there any good fishing spot where can we do BBQ and fishing together, not conservation area near Cambridge or Kitchener , there is two weeks fishing free in Ontario. Any suggested area for fishing.

COVID-19 Related News

llzz101: According to French media Infotagion, the Covid-19 virus was reportedly produced in the US military facility in Fort Detrick, Frederick, Maryland, in the summer of 2019. Then it was spread to China accidentally or intentionally. Link LINK
Full House: WHAT the big Governments are planning to do to fight COVID 19 virus : European Commission - Press release : The ‘Global Goal: Unite For Our Future' campaign launched by the Commission and the international advocacy organization Global Citizen on 28 May will culminate in a global pledging summit and concert on Saturday 27 June.
Full House: A shot in the arm for the Drug Manufacturers. (Pharmaceutical Companies) Cipla launches COVID-19 drug Remdesivir in India as disease takes hold. June 22, 2020. Efforts to get Gilead’s experimental COVID-19 drug Remdesivir to patients in badly-hit areas of India are building after drug maker Cipla announced it had launched the drug in the country.

Activist offers $1000 reward for evidence of hate speech @ Peel school prayers

Dustin Crawford: Oho. Interesting. And how did it all end? Did he find anything?
RaOne: Kevin J Johnston of Freedomreport.ca is offering a $1000 cash reward for video evidence of any hate speech at sermons in Peel district public schools: LINK

Newest Posts

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apply/buy/get family visas from home(globaldocumentaries44@gmail.com)

billtomson02: apply/buy/get family visa from home buy visa online,obtain visa online,apply for visa online get +1(727)304-5378 real visa online,where to buy real study,work,visit,study,spouse visas etc just place your oder,buy passport online , Buy real passport online , Buy drivers license online , Buy fake drivers license online , Buy visa online , Buy Eu resident permit online , Buy Genuine drivers licesne online , Order drivers license online , Purchase drivers license online , Buy Genuine visas online , Where to buy drivers licesne online , Buy real and fake drivers license online , Buy real and fake passport online , Buy Eu passport online , Where can i get a drivers license , Apply for genuine drivers license online , Buy documents online , Can i buy a passport online , Buy USA passport online

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Fence Around A House?

bytownfenceottawa: If you want to add security, privacy and style to your home, you might be curious about what it’d cost to build or repair a fence around your yard. Like home improvement projects, the cost to build or repair a fence depends on the total amount of fencing you need for your building. Unlike other projects, however, a new fence can’t necessarily add a ton of value to your house – but it can certainly be worth the money in terms of practical benefits. If you are still unsure about adding one around your yard, this guide on how much you could expect to pay may be useful in helping you to decide. How much does a fence cost? The cost of installing a fence varies depending on a range of factors: The material used to make the fence The height and length of the fence The soil type it’s being built on The fence’s foundations Whether you need to remove an old fence Whether you need gates installed Saving Money on Your Fence Installation Before getting a new fence for your yard, make sure to check your homeowner’s insurance first.

STUDENT VISA and WORK PERMIT. Please read and get to know, then EXPLORE.

Full House: THIS IS A MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT. It is a change to the Normal Study Courses a student takes in a CANADIAN Educational Institution and it OPENS-UP a lot of avenues for all of the Indian Students from India and they can accomplish a lot from their own end. You might miss out on a few of the experiences, exposures and mingling, but the times-are-a-changing and if it becomes permanent, then, you are the very first batch to enjoy this privilege. Make the excellent use of it and prove yourself that you all are well above the standards expected. Please read on. Students can begin program online, and still be eligible for 3-year PGWP after coming to Canada. Normally, online courses do not count toward the study requirement for a PGWP application. However, given coronavirus-related travel interruptions

ladies 50+ from Delhi/Mumbai. Wants to form a small friends group?

goodgirl: Hi: Its very hard to find like minded people however; lets try. I'm looking for educated, working mind, professional, homely yet outgoing type of ladies whom I could hang around with. We all need one or two like minded friends just to chill, stress-busters, to have spark of few laughter once in a while. If that's something you are also looking for? pls respond. Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton..really doesn't matter..we all drive.. Thanks,

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