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Listing ID: 102456   Posted on 17-Nov-16
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Contact: JY 

Mississauga Ontario  
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Hello :

These Mississauga lesson(s) are ONLY meant for absolute beginner ladies and or those ladies who are not comfortable in water to learn the basics and become comfortable in the shallow pool where their feet can touch the ground.

So, I will help you learn to be comfortable in the shallow end of the pool and learn the basics like back and front floating, blowing bubbles, back and front gliding, front and back flutter kick and beginners back and front stroke in the shallow pool.

If you have pool available that we can use then that's great otherwise we can use a facility pool like a Mississauga community centre pool or Century Gardens in Brampton by Rutherford Road & Vodden Street or South Fletcher's pool located at McLaughlin Rd & Ray Lawson Blvd.

I am not a certified professional instructor/teacher, I am a 31 yr old Indian Male located in Mississauga, and I have been swimming and taught my friend the basics and got HER comfortable in water.

SHE found private lessons to be quite expensive so I helped HER and SHE learned to be comfortable in water and learned the basics.

SHE found me patient, friendly, supportive and positive.

SHE was happy and recommended that I teach beginners like HER.

So, like HER, I can help you in Mississauga to learn to be comfortable in the shallow end of the pool and learn the basics like floating (front and back), blowing bubbles, gliding, flutter kick and the beginners back and the beginners front stroke in shallow pool.

We will only learn in the shallow pool, I won't take you in the deep end.

Thank You Ladies

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