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Oxygen Absorbers Packets for Food Storage from Best Manufacturer
Sorbead India offer mass oxygen absorbers packets and strips in move for oxygen and dampness control issues. Oxygen absorber or o busters are enclosed in the food or pharmaceutical packaging to absorb oxygen till a long time without any effects of ox
Date Posted: 12-Jan-18

Buy Pillow Pak for food and pharmaceutical products
Desiccant pillow pak is used to make the food and pharmaceutical products free from moisture and toxics. It helps the sensitive drugs to keep them away from moisture, mold, odor and mildew for longer time. Such pillow pak are available in varied size
Date Posted: 20-Jun-17

Buy Molecular Sieve Pellets for gas drying
The adsorbents, molecular sieve are pelleted material made from zeolite, activated carbon, and clay desiccants. Using this interconnecting network molecular sieve is completed. The small molecules are efficient to pass thought the pores are absorbed
Date Posted: 15-Feb-17

Buy Molecular Sieve for Coatings Sealants & Adhesives
In the Process of generating Nitrogen, Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) plays a very vital role. With the help of CMS only Nitrogen is produced. CMS takes up the oxygen, carbon dioxide and other impurities and release the pure nitrogen.PSA is one of the
Date Posted: 26-May-17

Global Desiccant Tablets Suppliers for moisture absorbing
Desiccant tablets are used as another way to control the moisture and humidity inside the packaging of pharmaceutical tablets and capsules. It works effectively in removing the moisture from the top surface of the container or bottle when they are be
Date Posted: 29-Mar-17

Dehydrated Silica Gel Breather Transformers with High Durability
Silica gel is an adsorbent that aides in adsorbing the dampness, mugginess, smell and so on, from the items and aides in keeping up their adequacy. Silica gel is utilized as a part of breather transformers for controlling the level of dampness and ke
Date Posted: 12-Mar-18

Sorbead India : Buy Quality activated alumina Products at Online
Actuated Alumina is tallied in the rundown of powerful adsorbent and desiccant which is utilized as a part of number of uses for evacuating the dampness and refining the items. It is an exceedingly permeable type of aluminum oxide that works adequate
Date Posted: 12-May-18

Silica Gel | Desiccant | Manufacturer & Supplier in india
Sorbead India's desiccants and adsorbents product are come in multitude compounds and features, always ranked in the demand of moisture absorbing industry. Our products are leading from the food safety, pharmaceuticals, electronics, transportation, t
Date Posted: 16-Feb-18

Buy Molecular sieve for ethanol drying & dehydration
Molecular sieve for Ethanol Dehydration Process requires high level of purity in the range of industrial and food applications. Type 3A molecular sieves are considered as the most effective type to dry ethanol.Molecular sieve acts as an effective abs
Date Posted: 30-Mar-17

Molecular Sieve Powder for Refrigerant desiccant
The powdered desiccants have the power to effectively adsorb the molecules on the basis of their size and polarity. They are used for removing moisture from polyurethane polymer systems. It also works as a carrier to discharge the catalysts into cert
Date Posted: 12-Jan-17

Use Clay Desiccant for moisture adsorption
The clay is made with gray colored small pellets. The adsorption capacity of clay is significantly smooth at low humidity level and enhances when relative humidity (RH) increases. The desiccant packets containing clay offer superior control of moistu
Date Posted: 16-Jan-17

Aluminium Oxide in Chromatography for Purification of natural products
In chromatography where less polar compounds need to be separated, aluminium oxide or alumina is commonly used for effective results. It is generally looks like a white to off white, fine-grained powder. It has more polar surface as compared to silic
Date Posted: 30-Aug-17

Silica Gel Blue Crystals | Swambe Chemicals
Semi-transparent silica gel blue crystals indicators manufacturing by Swambe Chemicals for industrial applications, get in bulk quantity with free samples. silica gel crystals India silica gel
Date Posted: 02-Jan-18

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