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Canadian Citizenship Test Paper Online Practice

What are the names of the Great Lakes?
Lake Superior, Huron, Michigan, Ontario & Erie
Huron, Michigan, Ontario & Erie
Lake Superior, Huron, Michigan
Superior, Huron, Michigan, Ontario

Where is the St. Lawrence Seaway?
Central Canada.

Which two mountain ranges are in Canada?
Laurentian and Central Mountains.
Columbia and Rocky Mountains.
Coast Range and Ontario Mountains.
Rocky and Atlantic Mountains.

Which territory shares a border with another country?
Northwest Territories.
British Columbia.
Yukon Territory.

Which provinces are joined to New Brunswick by land?
Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.
Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.
Nova Scotia and Quebec.
Ontario and Prince Edward Island.

To which ocean is Newfoundland closest?
Hudsons Bay.

Which mountain range forms a border between Alberta and British Columbia?
Coastal Range.
Columbia Mountains.
Laurentian Mountains.
Rocky Mountains.

Which two provinces are closest to Prince Edward Island?
Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.
New Brunswick and Nova Scotia
Ontario and Nova Scotia.
Labrador and Nova Scotia.

Which province in Canada is the smallest in land size?
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island
Yukon Territory.

Where are the Parliament buildings located?
Quebec City.

What is a ballot?
Type of dancing
Slip of paper with candidates name
A form to tally the votes.

What is printed on a federal election ballot?
The names of the candidates
The name of the voter
The name of the enumerator
The names of Aldermen and Alderwoman

What do you mark on a federal election ballot?
Circle the name
Cross out names of the others candidates
Mark an X to the right of the name of the candidate

How do you vote in Canada?
By raising hand
By secret ballot
By giving the name of the candidate to the officer

Who has the right to vote in federal elections?
A Canadian citizen, 18 years or older and be on the list of electors.
A Canadian citizen, 18 years or older and must work for the federal government.
A landed immigrant, 18 years old and a member of the Canadian Forces.
A Canadian citizen, over 25 years and a member of the Canadian Forces.

Who do Canadians vote for in a federal election?
Members of Parliament
Members of Provincial Parliament

After a Federal Election, Which party forms the new Government?
The party with the most senators
The party with the most votes
The party with the most elected MPs
The party with the most candidates running for election

How is the Prime minister chosen?
The politician who got most votes in election
The person appointed by the Queen
The leader of the party in power

Who becomes the Prime minister?
The politician who got most votes in election
The person appointed by the Queen
The leader of the party in power

When does an election have to be held according to the Constitution?
About every 4 years.
Within 5 years of the last election.
Whenever the Prime Minister calls the election.
When the MP's want a new Prime Minister.

Please note these questions are only for reference. Actual questions might be different. Please check immigration and citizenship canada's official publication for futher details

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