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appealing PEO decision

After reviewing file by ERC and ARC comittee, they assigned confirmatory exams and asked if i can go for appealing, anybody experience with appealing PEngg decision? whats the procedure, did you got any luck? whats time span?
any comments appreciated:( :(


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Post ID: 64729 13-01-06 10:12:08
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Senior Desi
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PPE appeal
Yes, one of my friends appealed under same circumstances and was lucky to get call for interview but was not lucky enough to get through. He was accorded a very cooperative attitude by interview committee, in spite was not successful in showing what they were looking for.
Time in decision on your appeal should not be very long; however the result could be either way. In the meantime, I (also PEO) would suggest, keep preparing for exams till then.
Hope this help.


Post ID: 64835 14-01-06 09:09:22
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Junior Desi
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PEO license
Hi benparsad,

can you send me email address of your friend, I am in the same situation and i can get some more information from him about appealing.

waiting for your reply
thanks in advance


Post ID: 64935 16-01-06 09:54:43
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May I request u to give me your email Id or phone number.I wud like to get in touch with you regarding ERC interview. Thanks kamal 416-296-4406

Post ID: 65956 30-01-06 05:17:50
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Junior Desi
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Location: Montreal, Canada

Hi Guys,
I applied for PEO and after reviewing my application, the ERC sent me an application to write confirmatory exam. i applied for review and was asked to attend the ERC interview on 27th Jan. i did, and they sent me the result last week that i had cleared the interview.

As for the interview itself, they went on to ask about basic engineering skills that i had used while i was employed in India, in Singapore and in my present employment at concordia university montreal.

They give you a chance to discuss 2 projects for about 20 minutes and then the question answer session runs for another 20 to 25 minutes. there will be 2 people interviewing ( i was in the mechanical engineering group though) and they were nice and polite.

should you need more information on the ERC interview and the required preparation, you can see the following link

hope the above helps

Post ID: 68303 23-02-06 13:03:30
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