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  > When are the major sales in Canada?
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When are the major sales in Canada?

When do the big sales take place in Canada (other than the Xmas season) ?

Does it follow the same pattern as the States and have the big sales on the major holidays like Canada day, Labour day etc?

Looking to buy some stuff but would like to wait for some sales...


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Junior Desi
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Location: Toronto

sales in Canada
There are sales throughout the year, for example, sales of spring clothes are around end of spring, sales of winter wear is around end of winter. For real sales however, go south of the border, some really great deals over there.


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Senior Desi
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Boxing day Dec.26
On boxing day Dec. 26, major sales take place of left over pieces of the 25th. sale all over and only in Canada.
There will be a rush in all stores which can be compared to Indian conditions.
If buying on Dec. 26th., please check if warrenty is given. If not, it is not worth the buy.

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Senior Desi
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You generally have sales around major holidays.

You should get some good sales in August-September for "Back to School"

Keep checking flyers of various companies. Sometimes I have found products available for a cheaper/similar price as on Boxing Day. Also, if a product is on sale at one place & not on sale at the competitor then they'll beat the competitor's price (the difference) by 5-10% depending on the company policy. So you'll end up getting a better price.



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Post ID: 77667 31-05-06 15:20:34
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Senior Desi
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Thanks....I guess I'll wait for some sales to roll around before buying anything major.

Post ID: 77668 31-05-06 15:48:06
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