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Good OBGYN Doctor in Mississauga area

Junior Desi
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Good OBGYN Doctor in Mississauga area
Hi! Folks,

My wife is 6 mths pregnant and we are going to an OBGYN at Mississauga, but apparently we are not at all happy with her services. She basically wants to get over with the patient as quickly as possible and take the next one, even with a given appointment , we have to wait atleast 45 min at the waiting room. This is very unprofessional for a doctor.
Does any one recommend a good OBGYN in the area, we don't mind travelling a few kms in either direction if we can get a good doctor who has time to discuss with their patients.

Thanks in advance

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Go to the hospital and ask for an in-house gyno. Always better than private gyno's as they work as a team in case one of them is unavailable.

Check out Credit Valley (Eglinton/Erin Mills Parkway) in Mississauga.

Hope that helps.

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Senior Desi
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Alternatively you can also call the Ontario college of Physicians & Surgeons and the CSR can give you a list of Gynacologists/OBS in your area accepting new patients. If you are computer sauvy, you can also locate this information on the web in their website. If you call them, then they can tell you if they accept a patient immediately or if there is a wait time for accepting patients. A general thumb of rule is that , the better the gyn./obs is, greater the wait time for accepting new patients. For eg. if you call a gyn./obs. today, they might tell you that they are accepting new patients from sept. 1. A 6 month pregnancy is considered as an advanced stage and it is hard to get a Good new gyn./obs. immediately.
OTOH, you can find out from the current gyn./obs. her schedule for delivery or from the hospital the procedure for delivery. if she/ he says that the individual will deliver the children of patients then beware but if the individual says that he/ she delivers just on one day of the week (eg. Friday) , then you have a 85% chance of having the baby not delivered by him/ her.
IMO, the main thing is baby delivery. So be sure that you have a good hospital and a good gyn. / obs. to deliver. in the pre delivery/ pregnancy stage, all that any gyn./obs. does in Canada is to moniter the fetal heart rate in all examination dates. There are 2 or 3 ultra sounds to be done and 1 blood work and this is done by a separate lab and results are diagonised by a third party gyn./obs. and results are sent to your gyn./obs. for info. and record. If ultra sound seems normal, then it does not matter how good/ bad your gyn./obs. is.
Just my view of how things work in Canada.

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rajcanadaMember of Administrators
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Many doctors (especially specialists) book 2-4 patients for the same appointment time. Some patients cancel appointments but not everybody does. So it causes delays as one doctor can see only one patient at a time. Also sometimes they are on call and go to hospital for deliveries and it throws their schedule off too.

Only your family doctor can give referral for OB/GYN and you will have to talk to him/her and see what they can do.

You can find doctors who are accepting new patients from LINK You will need to call and confirm since the information on the website is not very up-to-date. Then you will have to talk to your family doctor and ask them to give referral and then hope this doctor sees patient on time and is better than previous one.

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Senior Desi
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The doctor i went to, had same style, long waiting....45 min is better. But when ur turn comes, 2 min and its done.

but after few discussions, i found out that bcos they see same kind of patients all the time they are experienced and know that u r ok and have no complications. so even those 2 min r enough for them to check u.

i wont change my gyne. bcos finally the delivery is done by someone else totally unknown to u so why bother just for routine check ups.

we wait for all kinds of doctors in canada like family physician or specialists than why not gyne :)) ?

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Senior Desi
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doctors in mississauga
hi Ketan,

contact to ur nearest credit vally or trilliium. and ask for gyno or obs who are taking new patients. they will give u a list of phone numbers who are taking new patients. here u really dont have too much of choices. u can also search on internet for doctors who ar taking new patients.
link is


i am also due in oct. we find the doctor by calling the trillium hospital. u have to hurry as these doctors are not easy to find,as there is a long wait.
try our doctor she is affilated with trillium hospital. her name is Kim Rogers. u can find her details in the site which i gave u up.

hope this will help.


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