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anyone from bangalore?

Full House
Senior Desi
Member since: Oct 12

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I am a NOMAD, who ended up in Canada. I was not too far from Shimoga learning Sanskrit and learning to speak the colloquial version there. Learned enough of Kannada to get by. Will that make me a Kannadiga. YES. But you need to keep in touch with the language to speak the same. Now there is No-one to speak with and so I am out of touch. (Yarathra maathadodu?)

But there is always a small part in me that says that I am one. Now I have become a PAROPAG(K)ARI here. (In Sanskrit it means a HELPER of sorts to the Canadian Desi Group and those who visit this website asking for guidance.

Now I am one. Thanks for the asking. I made myself into one.


Post ID: 234625 13-04-17 13:32:47
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Junior Desi
Member since: Jun 08

Posts: 39

In the initial stages of my arrival. I was too eagar to make new friends and that time google, internet wasn't like today. Most of those who I met was smooth talkers looked genuine at that time either from Amway or religious background who sold some financial products and made money for themselves in the name of country, language and religion.

Many may not be that way, just be aware.

Swalpa jagrathe

Post ID: 234626 13-04-17 14:48:34
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Full House
Senior Desi
Member since: Oct 12

Posts: 2247

I was browsing the YOU TUBE today and what I found was very very interesting indeed and I thought I will share it with my Kannada friends here on the CD, (After a long time.)





Vaatapi Ganapathim Baje...


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