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Costco-Amex Credit Card

CD members,
13 months ago, I became a member of Costco. At that time , they were offering a $10 giftcard if i became a member of Amex (American express card). I applied for that and got a $10 giftcard. Owing to some financial setbacks at that time, I never decided to get my Amex Credit card activated. I kow that statements came later for $0 and i always tore that.
Yesterday i recieved a statement from Amex charging me $ 58.50 for Costco member renewal. I donot want to get my Costco membership renewed and even if it is renewed , it should be $45?
Did i miss a fine print? If i call AMEX can they reverse my billing? I really feel that i am being cheated by these people.
Senior CD's advise please. and if at all , I canot reverse my billing, any ideas as to how to make good this loss by buying at costco for one year. I never use Costco at all these days and shop at No frills. Besides Costco's lines are really very long and test my patience.
Afternote : I just checked the web and found that their membership is $55. So it is $58.50 with the taxes. Sorry for the hindsight.

I am a Gents and not a Ladies.

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Senior Desi
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Global Moderator
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I would simply suggest calling Costco or Amex to get more information regarding the policy of automatic renewal plus what the extra $13 is for.

As regards to shopping at Costco: I have found the quality of their products very good. At Xmas time, they have very good (well priced) gifts and chocolates .. plus they have tons of free samples of food !!

You cannot do much about the lines..except shop at non peak hours. I also find Costco to make a very good pizza.

~ Morning rain

Post ID: 84125 22-08-06 16:18:02
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Desi # 1
Senior Desi
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If Amex is a zero fee card then they can not charge you fee for it.

You were member after the card was issued but later you did not get it renewed. Call them then tell them that you do not want costco card to be renewed. They will reverse the charges

And costco membership is $55 not $45 that means $58.30 including taxes

Post ID: 84129 22-08-06 16:30:45
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Senior Desi
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I had the very same thing done to my wife. The membership got renewed & charged to the card without even the card being activated. At the same time I had a gift membership that I wanted to use to renew the card. I got Costco to refund one of them, and at the same time cancelled the Costco-AMEX card.

Somewhere in there, is a fine print about the renewal. Since I got my refund, I didn't bother to investigate.

Costco just raised their annual membership fee to $55 (from $50) wef July 1, 2006. + GST offcourse !!!

Reiki Grand Master

Post ID: 84132 22-08-06 16:51:44
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Senior Desi
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Nothing wrong with Costco or Amex
It is the people who fell for a $ 10 incentive

Please note that Amex is not charging for the card, it is only the annual Costco dues which is up for renewal.

It is upto any individual to renew his/her Costco membership and also decide which card to keep.

Always..take time to go through fine print or ask logical questions to avoid any problems in future

Non illigitamus carborundum

Post ID: 84139 22-08-06 21:00:01
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Big Vee
Senior Desi
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It's no big deal.
Just go into any Costco and cancel your membership. They will refund your money right away. Tell them to put it back on the Amex card and they will do that for you.

Then call Amex and cancel your Amex card.


Post ID: 84143 22-08-06 22:19:31
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Desi # 1
Senior Desi
Member since: Dec 03

Posts: 1420
Location: Mississauga

Costco is one of place where I enjoy going to Customer Service. They again have policy of "Satifaction Guaranteed" which has no end. It is better for you call costco and get the membership cancelled.

Let us know the experience as you did in Walmart for $15 stroller.

Post ID: 84158 23-08-06 08:56:01
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