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Transfering money from USA to Canada!

Hi guys,

What ways can I transfer money from USA to Canada? I am a resident of US and would like to transfer money to a bank account in Canada.

I already know about Western Union!

Thank you,


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Ways that i know :
1. Bring the currency in cash by crossing the border and directly deposit it into a Cdn. bank. (Good exchange rate)
2. Wire transfer from your USA bank to the Cdn. Bank. (Wire charges will apply)
3. Make a CC or a DD and deposit it into your Cdn. Bank.
I hope that you know that major banks in Canada, treat and accept US$ equal to a Cdn. $. For banks, Cdn. $ and US$ are one and the same (except that there will be a exchage rate calculation)

Depending on the amount that you propose to deposit, your choice will vary.

I am a Gents and not a Ladies.

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Thanks for your reply.

Money wire if I transfer 2 times a month can get very expensive. I want to make a deposite into someone else's account.

The some what best way I found out is to write a check and mail it to them. But other than that, banks here in US cant do anything about it.

I would be sending funds couple of times a month, so it would be nice to sign up for a TD US account or something like that but the only thing is that I'm in US right now, I dont want to go to Canada just to sign up for a bank account.


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Senior Desi
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Maybe you can set up an Online Billpay kind of facility and do it online twice a month.


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