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G test at Guelph

Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 09

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My son pass exam last month and he says it very very easy .
best luck.
I am living in guelph south



Post ID: 204497 05-04-13 17:08:44
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Junior Desi
Member since: Jul 13

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Just did G test in Guelph

Just wanted to write this as I did the G test at Guelph today and it may be of some help to others.

Once you reach the drive test centre at Guelph, you have to go to the back and park behind the building. You will see lots of people and driving school cars there You will also notice many Indians waiting to take their G and G2 test.

After parking, go inside the office and wait in the G test line. They ask you for your G2 license. They will ask you how many times you have driven on a highway of more than 80km and how many times you have driven on the 400 highway series. Then they will ask the license number and make of the car that you are going to drive for the test, wish you luck and ask you to go and wait in the car.

G test: The person will ask you to turn on your signal lights, horn and brake lights to check. So make sure all of them are working.

He will ask questions like, do you wear glasses and do you suffer from any mental illness. Then you will have to sign the form.

Then he/she will ask you to leave the parking area, either going left or right (I noticed test cars going both ways so not sure if G2 one way and G the other). I parked in reverse against the back wall and was asked to go left and then right out of the parking lot.

Once out, he asked to take one of two turns, right and left and changing lanes. Then we went on the Hanlon (highway part of Geulph, highway 6) which is 70km. The tester told me not to stop at the yield, but to keep moving. Merge with the coming traffic to the left.

On one right turn, there was a large truck blocking the lane, so he asked me to go left and then come back right in front of the parked truck. (Also, when parallel parking there was a truck right behind me. I signalled right, and waited for him to pass. I also verbally said to the instructor that I was waiting for him to pass. Once he passed, I parallel parked.)

Then we went to a side road where he told me to parallel park and emergency stop. Then we came back on the Hanlon, again left and right lane change, and back to the drive test centre. On the way there are lots of railway tracks. Don't slow down or pick up speed, but turn and look both ways as you cross the tracks. It is a 50km zone. He asked me to front park. My instructor said G test they don't ask you to reverse park, but I practised just in case. After parking in one of the empty slots, he turned and said, congrats you are now a G driver!

I went inside the office to get my temporary G. The actual G license will come in the mail in 4 to 6 weeks.

Hope this helps you. My friend failed first G drive test when an emergency vehicle came with flashing lights while she was parallel parking and she did not park on the right and stop. Everything else was fine, but she failed because of this. Ten days later she re-did the test and passed.

My advise is to start trying to pass your G with at least six months to spare before it expires if not well before that. Don't wait for the last minute or else you will get tense.

Good luck to all!!

Post ID: 205686 11-07-13 17:05:42
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Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 06

Posts: 5265
Location: Canada

Congratulations ! & Thank you for sharing your experience elaborately ...

While driving , either for a test or otherwise , let safety be a first priority .


Post ID: 205688 11-07-13 17:22:57
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Junior Desi
Member since: Sep 13

Posts: 1


Be particularly careful about phony driving instructors.

There is a one buy of XXX driving school. I took test with him and his car had hard brakes. The brakes were smelling while the test was taken.

Please see the charges against this driving instructor

Driving Instructor Vikram Sharma Charged With Sexual Assault
Date: 2012-12-17 10:00:25
By: Guelph Police Service

Sexual Assault Charge Laid

Last edited by: Surti on 09-09-13 09:00:48
Post ID: 206659 07-09-13 16:01:25
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Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 06

Posts: 5265
Location: Canada

Folks ,

I owe an update to this thread since we have had lots of contribution to it and this comes up on the first page of google search ...

An acquaintance failed twice recently on a G test in Guelph and I must mention this that the Guelph ramp to highway is very short and may not allow you to accelerate enough which is a primary G test maneuver ... I think there s a flaw there ..

This person cleared the Test in Orangeville on first attempt and although Orangeville also merges in a non 400 series Highway , the merging ramp is long enough ...

Now that I have reviewed Guelph , I would recommend Orangeville over it for Highway Test.


Post ID: 208400 27-11-13 18:08:25
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Junior Desi
Member since: Feb 15

Posts: 1

g2 test in guelph

I have my G2 test next week in Guelph and I'm really nervous!

Post ID: 218377 16-02-15 20:05:10
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Junior Desi
Member since: May 17

Posts: 1
Location: Toronto

Route of my Drive Test for G
Exit Drive Test center towards Arrow Road side.
Right turn on Woodlawn Road West(Speed 60)
left lane change on Woodlawn Road West and go straight and left turn to Royal Road (Speed 50)
Go straight and left turn to Speedvale Ave West (Speed 60)
Go straight and turn right to merge to Hanlon Pkwy (Speed 70),
lane changes on Hanlon Pkwy (Left and then Right and Right to exit) on Willow Road,
Right turn to Marksam Road (Speed 50)
Keep going and right turn at Speedvale Ave West (Speed 60)
Lane changes on Speedvale Ave West (Left and Right and then Right to) merge to Hanlon Pkwy (Speed 70),
Lane changes on Hanlon Pkwy (Left and then Right and Left to exit) on Willow Road.
Right Turn to Silvercreek Pkwy N (Speed 50)
Left Turn to Ajax Street (Parallel Park and Emergecy Road Side Stop)
Left Turn to Sleeman Avenue (3 Point Tunr here)
Left Turn to Ajax Street
Right Turn to Silvercreek Pkwy N (Speed 50)
Right Turn on Willow Road (Speed 60)
Left Turn on Dawson Road.
Go straight and Left Turn at Woodlawn Road West (Speed 60)
Right Turn to Arrow Road
Left Turn to Drive Test Center.(Forward Parking on Right side )

Tips specific to above route
There is a center lane for left turn to Royal Road
So Practice them if you dont know how to deal with them.

There are 2 Train tracks on Royal Road.
Look Left and Right and cross it without stopping if there is no train and maintain the speed.
However keep your foot on Breaks (not on accelerator) just in case if train is there and you need to stop.
My examiner explained this to me at the end of the test as I did mistake once.

Hanlon Pkwy, speed is 70 and ramp is just enough to achieve the speed.
I did it with Hyundai Accent. You have to push for it.
So go out there and practice with your car to see how much time it takes to 70 on that ramp.
This will give you some idea on how much you have to push.

Merging on Hanlon Pkwy,
This is what I observe with a training school car,
When there wasnt enough space to merge, the driver waited before entering the ramp.
I am not sure if it is the best approach.
As there is no yield sign there, my idea was to push for it with your indicator on.
So the vehicles on the Hanlon Pkwy knows that you will enter and make space for you.
May be I am wrong, but thanks god both my times I got clean entry.

Marksam Road
It is a residential area and road here are very patchy and somewhat bumpy.
and also there were cars parked on both side of the road.
My examiner asked me to maintain the 50 speed and maneuver around the bad patches and bumps.
However pay attention as road is curvy and because of the parked car vehicle coming from the other side may not be visible till it comes very close.

Left turn to Willow road from Hanlon Pkwy
Pay attention here as there are other cars turning right from the opposite side of the road. As there is separate road for turning right, and if there is a truck standing at the stop light, these cars will not be immediately visible. Most of these cars are trying to go left, whereas I was asked to go right. So we need to cross each other safely on that small portion of road before the stop light on Willow Road. In my case 2 cars came in, one pushed in front of me and other one on my right side both came too close. They were trying to go left while I was trying to go right. I was expecting that they should have a yield.

Ajax Street (Parallel Park and Emergency Road Side Stop)
This is an uphill street, so pay attention when you are backing up.
In my case I backed up too far because of the downhill while backing up. Then I have to correct myself.
Also when putting in park, dont forget to turn the wheel to left as uphill parking with curb.

Common Tips
Go there and practice in the area to get the idea about it.
I am not local and I practiced there 3 hours each on 2 separate weekends.
And also on the morning of the drive test day.
Also traffic on weekends was almost half to what I faced on the exam date.
And many large trucks with big trailers behind them were on the roads, which I hardly saw on weekends.

One more observations is that I think its small area where all these examiners takes test. So you will face many nervous candidates like you doing their road test along with you.
In my case 1 specific candidate faced me 3 times, and all 3 times I observe him doing not so good move. his first one when he took a left turn in front of me, and his second one partly mine as well when at railway crossing I slowed down as there was no clear visibility at the railway line and he drove in very close to my rear (my examiner was upset about it) and same he did in parking lot when I was trying to park, came in too close leaving me very little space to adjust. Sadly I think he failed because I saw him leaving soon after his examiner left his vehicle.
So watch out for fellow friends giving test like you, they are also nervous like you. Try not to do things that can lead them to fail, and also be aware of them so that there mistake dont affect you.

And last and most important, confidence is the key, if you have driven the car enough on your G2 and driven it correctly most of the things will fall automatically in place as you have been doing it. Frankly speaking I was also quite nervous, but I found myself doing most of the things right during the test may be because of lots of driving experience and probably the practice that I did in the area.

I was worried that I am failing because of the railway crossing incident, but my examiner was a good and as I did rest of my test well enough he passed me.

I hope this will help to future candidates.

Post ID: 234991 24-05-17 21:20:26
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Senior Desi
Member since: Dec 08

Posts: 1318
Location: Brampton, Ont, Canada

one thing i ADD :

If they asked you to stop somewhere and its not designated parking... If Ask then Parked - but MAKE SURE YOU PUT EMERGENCY flashing light ON before going out or waiting.

some instructor use this trick to nail you down.

'Some goals are so worthy, it's glorious even to fail.' (Param Vir Chakra awardee Lt. Manoj Pandey)

Post ID: 234995 25-05-17 12:01:09
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Junior Desi
Member since: May 17

Posts: 5

Oakville is also a good location for G.

Post ID: 235056 30-05-17 12:33:47
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