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IT company in Canada and India

Hi ,

I'm thinking to establish an IT company in Canada and India. I have tons of experience in IT, very strong in Banking and finance products including payment systems, fixed income, bonds and securities, money laundering, Disaster recoveries setup, Business continuity ,Content Management and central banking core systems. I have one of my cousin who is expert in SAP all module. He was heading one of the top MNC's SAP operations in India and has done lots of full implementation projects.So planning for a company which can work in ERP , IT solutions and consultancy.

I would like to have some information from the people those who have setup an IT company or are in process. Would welcome any comment or ideas.

Secondly, I do have some plans for export and import business later. I have Setup Company in India. Which is fully licensed and running. Right now doing research here about the products.



Junior Desi
Member since: Oct 05
Posts: 32
Location: india

Post ID: 112545 17-12-07 11:05:16
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Hum Hindustani
Member since: Oct 07

Posts: 50
Location: TANZANIA


I cannot advice you in IT field but for Export - Import biz, you can enter into exporting pulses to India. You will get many buyers in Kirana market, Navi Mumbai. Check the freight, insurance, agent fees etc and try to give FOB (Free On Board) rate to the buyer. Or as you have your own setup in india, import yourself and than sell to get more profits. Pulses is mainly cash biz.

Also I suggest target other countries apart from India. Check what is available in Canada and what is required in Canada. Start with one product.

Rule No 1 in Export - Import,

Target one country with many products or target many countries with one product.

Mainly, people fail initially in Export-Import biz thinking of exporting/ importing many products in many countries.

My best wishes for your success in IT and EXIM biz. :cheers: :cheers:

You can take an Indian out of INDIA
but you cannot take INDIA out of an Indian.

Post ID: 112585 18-12-07 07:13:49
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jan 05

Posts: 1096

Originally posted by baliyan

. I have tons of experience in ......., money laundering, Baliyan

Would you like to rethink about this !!!!!!!

Post ID: 112590 18-12-07 09:06:02
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Junior Desi
Member since: Oct 05

Posts: 32
Location: india

Thanks Hum Hindustani for your advice.

Hi Puttoo, for your clarification what I'm writing is I did systems which catch money laundering and are deployed in banks.


Post ID: 112591 18-12-07 09:25:09
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