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Civic Sense & Discipline

Senior Desi
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Last year I was attending the Cultural festival that happens in mississuga called "Carrasauga", different communities inc west Indian. I went to this west Indian function and the stench from all the food thrown and the dirty plates was unbearable.....
I once made a mistake, but I was wrong about it.

Post ID: 11027 25-03-04 22:58:22
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Junior Desi
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You can't light a candle to show others the way ....

As we would think that coming to a country where there is more civic sense people would follow a good example. Alas no !!
These people do not change. It was good to point out their mistake. Some may not like it and may sneer back, but i bet you they will think twice the next time to do some thing like that.
The best place to start is by being an example through ourselves and our family. If every day, we take some time to do even little things, then each new day can be the very best we'll ever live. It will make a difference in the world, which we may not notice.
People may not always realize that every thing they do, affects not only their lives but touches others, too!
I know in most catholic churches they have a nursery for little kids while the parents are praying. This way there is no disturbance and distraction.
The kids are not just left to fend for themselves. They have someone telling them stories from the Bible.

Post ID: 11029 25-03-04 23:46:07
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