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Please, please sign this HST Petition as soon as you can. Then, send it to everyone you know. Now is not the time to be complacent. If we all get behind this and do our part we can affect change and send a very powerful message to the Premier of Ontario.

They've raised the roof out in B.C. and I can't understand why they aren't reacting here. At least B.C isn't adding the HST to gas. You know, the sad thing about this whole situation is that the folks in Ontario won't react until they see the price at the pump jump by 8% on July 1st, as well as their heating bill, hydro bill, water, etc.

Let's just hope it picks up speed so we're able to sign up 10% so we can hold a referendum. We only have 6 weeks until this bill becomes law so you and everyone you know has to sign this petition now and keep it going.

Your support is appreciated so please do not delete this message. Sign the petition and pass it on TODAY!

Forward this to all your friends.


(Anything discussed in this Post is completely an individuals view. The Poster does not hold any responsibility for this discussion. Please discuss with your financial advisor before buying or selling anything discussed in this Post.)


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Post ID: 165079 08-06-10 15:30:21
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rajcanadaMember of Administrators
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I thought they would have some actual petition with some text outlining why one is opposing HST that they would take to McGuinty. All it says is "Sign the Petition Against Harmonized Sales Tax in Ontario".
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Post ID: 165125 09-06-10 06:17:21
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