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How to replace a lost IMM 1000 document for OCI application?

Junior Desi
Member since: Jan 14

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Guys...India is considering to have on arrival visa from people of Canada too...heard that in news, not sure when would this be implemented..

Post ID: 209247 06-01-14 11:49:17
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Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 05

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Location: Woodbridge

Originally posted by iambond007

Guys...India is considering to have on arrival visa from people of Canada too...heard that in news, not sure when would this be implemented..

CDs are an informed group :



Post ID: 209250 06-01-14 12:59:01
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Full House
Senior Desi
Member since: Oct 12

Posts: 2457

Originally posted by samir1234

I have lost my IM 1000 Landing Documnet , i want to know under part B of the Verification Of Status form which one should i select to get the certified True Copy of the Landing Document , Verification of Status or Replacement of a Valid Temporary Document , If some one can help that would be great .


Here is a link to the Application.
Verification of Status Document

A Verification of Status document will contain information that appeared on your

original Record of Landing,
Confirmation of Permanent Residence,
Work Permit,
Study Permit
or other immigration documents.

This document can be used when you must provide proof of historical immigration information, such as the date and place of entry to Canada.

You may obtain a VOS document outlining the pertinent historical information for the following:

Certificate of Departure (IMM 0056)
Immigrant Visa and Record of Landing (IMM 1000)/Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM 5292 or IMM 5688)
Visitor Record (IMM 1097 or IMM 1442)
Work Permit (IMM 1102 or IMM 1442)
Study Permit (IMM 1208 or IMM 1442)
Exclusion Order (IMM 1214)
Deportation Order (IMM 1215)
Departure Order (IMM 5238)
Permit to Come Into or Remain in Canada (IMM 1263)
Authorization to Return to Canada (IMM 1203)
Protected Persons

Note: The actual document itself will not be issued, instead a plain paper document will be issued that will provide information about your immigration history.

The item #2...IMM 1000 & IMM 5292 or IMM 5688 is what you are looking for. Please check for its correctness.

The actual PAPER application will look similar to this.. :

At the bottom of the application you will have the DOCUMENT Check list. Please make sure that you have the required copies to attach.


Just in the passing, depending upon the number of people who accompanied you when you landed, ask for that many number of copies and pay $30.00 each. Because, when someone wants to collect CPP & OAS later on in life, when they turn 65 or so, they will need a copy of this document, if they were minors, when they entered Canada.

It is in the FEES COLUMN, you specify, what the fees are for and the NUMBER OF COPIES THERE OF...that you WANT. (IT TAKES SOME TIME TO OBTAIN THESE.)

Also the Indian Government will ask you for this document for obtaining PIO or OCI passport etc., & NO ONE CAN CERTIFY THIS DOCUMENT.


Post ID: 209267 07-01-14 12:17:53
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Junior Desi
Member since: Sep 11

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Location: Canada

Just went through this and thought I'd share my experience. After contacting CIC twice, the second agent was very helpful and told me that what I have to do is fill out the replacement application again and write a letter of explanation describing why I need the immigration category on the document.
I also must include the OCI checklist from the Consulate's website that states that Verification of Landing is not acceptable because immigration category is not therein, and then they will issue me a certified copy of the actually landing papers rather than the verification of landing.
So, that's what I've done. Hopefully, it'll work and I'll get the right document.

Post ID: 213913 01-08-14 16:08:33
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jan 05

Posts: 449


i need this document for pio to oci and i dont have it since it was 15 years ago that i had to use it for landing and the indian authorities are asking for the landing papers.

thanks for any help. VOS takes 6 months and as you may be aware pio card is invalid as of oct 31 2018.

Post ID: 236374 14-12-17 09:49:37
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