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PR process

Hi ,

Apologize if my clarifications are repetitive.Have heard various opinions from my friends and hence thought of clarifying my doubts with Masoodji and other immigration experts.

1.Iam on a H1B with four rears experience in networking(software engineer).Planning to apply for canadian PR,as my green card process is on hold here.I have two and a half years ofH1B,left;But,if my canadian PR goes through,might have the option of internally transferring to the canadian office (of the comapny that am working in U.S.A).
However ,there is a possiblity,that I might continue to work in U.S.A until my H1B expiration,which is really two and a half years from now.
Assuming,I get my PR status middle of next year,how can I keep the PR active for the next one and a half years,and still work in U.S.A until my visa ends here,incase I have to? Should I atleast,enter canada and come back to U.S,after applying for PR card?
How long can I delay this process,after getting the PR status?Please advise on the best possible course of action.
2.Iam residing in san jose,california.Is immigration office specific on canadian visa office (eg:vancouver over toronto) for getting my PR status?
3.If no,then Processing time wise,does it make a difference,applying to vancouver office over Toronto office?4
4.Also,if I get the PR, do I have the option of landing in canada,in any city/entry port?

Thanks in advance and appreciate your time in this regard.


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1. These days its taking on an average 18-24 months for approval of Canadian PR. Once the visa is stamped on your passport you are given a year (from the time you got your medical done) to enter Canada.

Once you enter Canada and get PR card you have to fulfill the criteria of staying in Canada for 2 years in a period of 5 years to maintain you Canadian PR.

2 and 3. If applying from US your application will be assesed in Buffalo, NY. If interview is required your file may be transfered to Los Angeles.

4. You have to mention the port of entry in your application for PR. Ideally you should land in the city mentioned and then move to any city you want to settle in.

Hope this helps.

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