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Can I import online

I would like to import optical frame in Toronto Canada through below website

first of all If I import let say 1 lot = 30 units if I import 50 lots then should I need to pay duty on it ?

I want to import it and sell it in flea market. Do I need to register company in Toronto ?

Can I buy online indiviualy for myself. Or Do you need any licence .

Please help me out.

Thanks in advance.


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Senior Desi
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Yes, you can import online. You have to pay custom duty, freight, handling, etc. charges.

It is better if you register the company but for flea market I have no idea. Please google 'Ontario company registration' and you should get information about registration process.

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Senior Desi
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I don't think registering a company is a requirement. If you are importing and selling yourself, then any profit made is considered your personal income. If you register the company, it is company's income and you can pull it out... Which makes sense all depends on your turnover etc.

Federal incorporation can be done online. Costs $200 or so. Ontario inc has to be done at BBB. Both can be done thru any of the accountants.. They charge $50 or so on top of govt fees.

There are other kinds of company registrations too limited liability, solo proprietor etc. I am not sure how to go about registering them, but accountants should be able to do that.

Post ID: 191451 11-01-12 20:10:59
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