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Query regarding University of Windsor

Hi, This is Jeevan from India, i am planning to pursue Meng in Computer Engineering at university of Windsor, but i could not find valuable information about the university and provinces, please help me guys

--Does university co-op programs helps international students to be employed (can you provide % of students who are being employed every year through co-op program)

--can we find any part time jobs around Windsor, some people are advising that we can go to Detroit(USA) to do part time, can we do that as International student

-----------please share guys it will be much helpful for so many students ----------

---------if you are any of your friends or known people living or studying at university of Windsor please share there contact you can keep a private message or you can send Email to ---------------------------------

thankyou guys and please share your views


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Senior Desi
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Just a word of caution. U Windsor is considered one of the worst universities in Canada. You cannot go to Detroit as you would be entering the USA. It is illegal to work in the USA without a work permit. Do not listen to anyone who advises you otherwise
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