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I hope u enjoy reading our success story. :)

I am tempted to write my success story here in detail. ;-)
Revenge can be bitter sweet, but if u sit back and watch, KARMA can be pure entertainment.:)

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Senior Desi
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Senior Desi
Member since: Oct 13

Posts: 1643
Location: Toronto

I shall start posting little by little how we excelled here. One of the reason we did very well is perhaps coz I am business minded like my grand mom side and a finance person and accountant like my grandfather. My husband is also maintenance engg which is very competitive field and of course luck and fate also works wonders.

Initial one year was tough coz my husband was jobless and like a wounded lion or tiger whatever. ;-) I am a very positive hard working person and being honest and ethical, God alwys makes my path smoother and whatever project I take is successful. My two small children were my priority after I becme mom coz my husband cannot think beyond himself and his work so, whatever I do, I hve to take my children into consideration. I alwys felt, their future and their whole life is at stake. Seeing people in drugs and youngsters getting killed at teenage due to drugs alwys made me alert that life is not full of roses, thorns are more dangerous and painful in western world.

We landed in basement. The landlord was good but very aloof and not much of help was offered. He was realtor and I told him that, I wish to buy house and he never took me seriously coz he wanted me tenant for 1-2 yrs in basement coz perhaps my children would play with his only daughter. God alone knows why he wanted us to be his tenant and I went ahead and bought my first house within 20 days of landing and he lost his commission coz he didn't take me seriously. :P

One of the most wonderful shock was when I went to get admission for next year on May mid, they gv admission immdly and told that, my son can join today My son went to school next day for one month. Second amazing thing was, my son was bullied and teased and teacher told all children to write apologise letter to my son and my son was given star of the month coz he handled the situation boldly.

Overall we had 2 month of good stay with our landlord and we moved to our new home. I wanted to get out of basement before winter so I had to take decision very fast. My husband refused to sign property papers so I went ahead with the deal. My husband was angry coz no job so, I told him to get driving licence which he did.

We got settled in new house before children started schooling and I started helping students and newcomers to settle down in new country. I started getting active in School by attending workshop and my husband started co-op and voluntary work unfortunately due to family sickness during peak winter, my husband went to India leaving me with 2 small children and that winter was toughest coz with 2 small children and no car, pushing heavy stuff and toddler weight was tough but I enjoyed the struggle. I never once thought of driver and car in Dubai and home delivery where I used to purchase everything and take to counter n they knew where to send the bills and stuff. I used to walk way with children without lifting a thing. luxury of staying in gulf countries.

As I started attending workshop of incredible parent and drug issues etc I came to know this country better and once I recollect during cops workshop, I questioned cop when u know drug deals are done in washroom and children are taken to areas where camera is not there and killed, then why are cops not going there?? The cops was little bit angry at my blunt question but Principal intervened and told there is not enough time to discuss and we wil have one more workshop. I loved incredible parents workshop and I feel all parents should attend this workshop.

I once saw a teacher take a child to prohibited area and after observing this for one week, I called board and complained and teacher was arrested for prono. After that, one teacher was very rude to me and she abused my daughter so, I went to Principal for change of teacher but Principal took this opportunity and tried to make me scapegoat by calling cops and CAS authorities and they wanted to take pic of my daughter etc but we refused and I told cops that, I just wanted change of teacher and before I could complete my request, she called authorities. Cops called me and I told them, It takes years of training to make good cops or teacher and just coz of small mistake, if u throw them out of job, it wil tke years to bring another cop or teacher and teacher apologised so, I don't wish to take matter further. So, cops asked me as whether they should warn teacher and let her go. I said Yes. Later on I found that, teacher who was arrested and this teacher came to this school together and perhaps she was angry that, I got him arrested. I thought over it and thought it is not possible board will disclose my call to anybody. We bought another house next year and we moved frm there. Overall good almost 2 years with desis around and school volunteering and helping other children.

I fixed future tenants for my condo and basement before I moved in 2011. This moving was tough coz I fell in park with stroller and then in basement steps so, I couldn't walk for 2-3 months and with 2 children it was tough but I managed with crawling since my husband refused to take leave. It takes time to settle in new place but school was good and here too I started volunteering and helping teachers and children. In detached house and white neighbourhood, it is tough when u are sick and nobdy is there to help u leave ur children to school. I had some health issues so, delay in getting driving licence.

One thing I really find annoying is this stupid volunteer work to get job. People who are good and are volunteering for good cause. we don't hve any intention of joining job in school but these second category who are volunteering thro parents council just to get job in school are playing politics and insulting us who are working for good cause. They think we are their competitor so, we should not be encouraged. ;-)Due to this, I discontinued volunteering for short winter months DEc-Feb and started donating money to school.

I bought 3 properties in 4 years coz of good networking and business acumen and my property prices have almost doubled and my husband also works full time started with $20 and now earning $38 per hour. We help everybody around us. How we have helped and we got ten fold wil be written tomorrow. I shall write more about property management business too later. We got our citizenship and passport before we completed 4 years. :) I was asked to give speech on my oath day and when I shouted that, WE CAME PREPARED FOR THE WORST AND WE SUCCEEDED. THERE WAS APPLAUSE FOR 4-5 MINUTES.

we can succeed in any country by hardwork and being positive.

Revenge can be bitter sweet, but if u sit back and watch, KARMA can be pure entertainment.:)

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