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  Canada Immigration Forum > General > USA > USA citizen kid - planning to move to USA for study and settle down
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USA citizen kid - planning to move to USA for study and settle down

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What a terrible display of slavemind!! Your yearning to serve the US is putting a vast burden on a 6th grader! May God help your 6th grader. He certainly got some mighty miserable parents. Out of curiosity, what if your kid grows up to dislike the whole rot that the US has become? What if he then decides to move to Canada and settle here? You have miserably failed in your own life, instead of relentlessly trying to reach the Holy land of your aspirations, you are now stuck in this two-bit, no-good land of cold comfort and are transferring your life-goals (of aiding and abetting the US in its own projections) to your kid. This is a terrible thing many Indian parents seem to do. This kind of madness propelled me to run out of that miserable land before I even completed high school! But I did save my nephew from doing same BS to his life (He is now doing very useful and fruitful work for ISRO).

I urge you to make it into US and live there and work without a break, till you achieve YOUR life goals and leave the kids here in the frozen tundra to grow and prosper. I bet they just might turn into snowbunnies and enjoy their existence here immensely.

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