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Rate cut.

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I feel that, economy has slowed down so, job market will be affected, if bank/service sector lay off staff to compensate their fees etc. If parents lose job, child care is affected so, consumers finally cut back on luxury items. Now the mantra is to try as hard as u can to keep the job that u have. Make yourself indispensable in ur job and take training courses to update your skills. Concentrate on ur job and don't take any risk coz employers will be searching for the excuses to throw u out. Be punctual and efficient. :)
Revenge can be bitter sweet, but if u sit back and watch, KARMA can be pure entertainment.:)

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Do you find that the family life in Canada isnt the same today as it was 30 years ago, and public policy is struggling to catch up? Is it also true that the era of the male-breadwinner family is over? Thirty years ago, less than half of the women between the ages of 25-54 years worked full time. Today, two-thirds of those women are putting in 35 hours a week or more. Men have seen their full-time incomes increase by less than 5% in thirty years, making the employment incomes of women living in families a matter of necessity as much as choice.

The impact of womens increased participation in work has not meant the end of men. Women entering the workforce are not replacing men as is evident from the relatively stable levels of male employment during the same period that womens employment rose. Would you consider this as a trend in the job market?

The increase in womens participation in paid work has been a net gain to the economy. It has also been a gain to the economic security of women and their families. But it has brought in newer trend where in the children are made a ward of a baby sitting service and the Parents are now become a Sunday Dad or a Bed time MOM.

Are the families paying 42.1% in taxes and 36.6 on basic necessities, which goes to show that we all are getting flogged and are left with little or no savings to show and take care of our future in the retirement years.

What are your thoughts on this subject matter, as we find that we are into a Recession and
the only way out of this is through additional taxation. The strong Industrial Base is dying as the rest of the world is catching up with the wages that we were used to.

What do you call this revolution? For the lack of a word I want to call it the "CATCH UP CURSE".!!

Here are a few links that I dug up to back my statement and it is befitting our current state of Financial Affairs. Some of these studies are done on an Yearly basis and you might find it an year old. That is the nature of the beast. Take it from there.

That is our Canada for all of the world to know, as it stands today.


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Full House
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HongKong and Shanghai are experiencing a financial crisis

Why is the whole financial world so complacent about the looming Collapse of HSBC?

Western Banks In Turmoil As British Banking Giant HSBC Nears Total Collapse

Is this contagious, if so who is next??

Are the FEDs in the USA going to jump in or are they already in?!

Post ID: 227449 16-09-15 09:14:46
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