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  Canada Immigration Forum > General > General > Syrian refugees: Are they really a threat to Canadian security?
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Poll:Syrian refugees: Are they really a threat to Canadian security?
Choice Stats
Yes 64% (7)
No 36% (4)

Syrian refugees: Are they really a threat to Canadian security?

Senior Desi
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Thanks for sharing however I tend to disagree.
It is only an opinion piece, not a newspaper article and falls within the broader concept of propaganda.

The actions of ISIS or islamic jihadist should not be looked at in isolation - but scientifically in cause and effect. The continued unrest in middle east for decades is now spreading its wings to the rest of the world and no country/place is unaffected by it. Attitudes, policies and emotions of countries, government and people have changed over the past 6-7 decades and there is no single event that can be attributed to the current situation - it could be culmination of actions over the 6-7 decades.

Religious fundamentalism is only a carrier of these ideologies, not the intended result. Bonding people spread over the globe using and abusing the available resources for a common objective is not new and has been happening throughout history. Few use internet, satellite and 'legitimate' secret services to further their cause, some use military might while those who don't have either of these use religious exploitation. Lets question ourselves which one is right then you can try to understand the current events.

Good luck with that.

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Senior Desi
Member since: Nov 06

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If its been done by refugees..its really sad and disgusting.
Sometimes when you open your arms and your doors will get monsters in. Hope these incidents does not reflect on real refugess. AMEN


Post ID: 229822 16-01-16 20:03:37
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Senior Desi
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EXCLUSIVE: Assad says some refugees are 'definitely' terrorists
Syria President Bashar al-Assad, commenting on U.S. President Trump's travel ban in an exclusive sitdown interview with Yahoo News' Chief Investigative Correspondent Michael Isikoff in Damascus, said he believes some refugees fleeing his country are "definitely" terrorists.

Welcome to Canada....says together O..Canada...O..Canada....:cuss:

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