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U S real estate advertisements

Hi CD friends,
Trying to seek opinion of experts in finance and realestate on US markets.

Last time immediately after the US financial crisis, we had been flooded with news paper advertisements inviting/luring prospective investors, to jump at the US real estate going cheap, a similar trend is now being observed with full page advt. luring to buy US real estate, and I am kind of thinking, on what bad news is about to come from across the border, section of experts are of the opinion of $ crashing is it infact round the corner????????

US central bank shall be raising their interest rates no time soon, they have been shouting this since some months , as their economy is gathering momentum .

Can some of the experts on our forum share their views?

Thanks for your input.


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Senior Desi
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Post ID: 229374 09-12-15 16:27:00
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Member since: Aug 15

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With USD at almost 1.40 CAD, you won't make much.
This time the financial crisis will be in Canada, not in US.
The low oil prices, Justin Trudeau and the Syrian refugees will make sure of that.
People are living pay check to pay check and are up to their eye balls in Mortgage and credit card debt. Something has to give.

Post ID: 229383 09-12-15 17:28:35
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Senior Desi
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No economic indicators to correlate to the advertisements...AFAIK; however, property prices are pretty much dependent on location. Which locations do you see these advertisements for?

Post ID: 229388 09-12-15 20:16:02
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