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Eyebrow threading


Can anyone suggest any lady offering home-based eyebrow threading services in Brampton? Any parlour suggestions are also welcome except it has to be women-only parlour. Thanks.


Junior Desi
Member since: Aug 04
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Location: Brampton

Post ID: 230861 03-04-16 14:59:17
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Full House
Senior Desi
Member since: Oct 12

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Since you are looking for Ladies who perform the services, I searched for them on the net. There are atleast a hundred of them. They do not provide a number to call nor a location where they are. So, you will have to do the search on KIJIJI and provide them with an e-mail address and ask for what ever you wish to find out from them.

I was in SDM last Sunday and at the cosmetics counter, and there was a DEMO show and they are currently selling a few of the LASER implements that you can buy and try, if you are confident in using it yourself. It is a DIY show. But the machines are priced double the cost compared to the net sales such as e-bay Canada or Amazon here. So, get to see the functions and purchase the same from the web. That is an alternative.

Few women who perform these services are really experts and they charge you a fair price for it. So avail the same if you find it suitable. But it is all in house deals.

Good Luck.


Please ask for references, before committing yourself to a session with them.

Post ID: 230866 04-04-16 17:57:38
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jan 08

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Location: Toronto

In malls or desi parlors, 99% of the people who perform eyebrow threading are Women.
Probably you can go there to get it done.

Post ID: 230870 05-04-16 07:34:40
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Junior Desi
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Any suggestions for cheap parlour services in Surrey?

Post ID: 237191 26-07-18 18:15:30
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Senior Desi
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Location: London, ON

contact BEHLA
Non illigitamus carborundum

Post ID: 237202 01-08-18 17:43:58
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Senior Desi
Member since: Apr 06

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Originally posted by sonal4shere


Any suggestions for cheap parlour services in Surrey?

Almost at every street corner, there is a ladies parlour in Surrey. Try couple of them and you will find the one suitable for you.

Post ID: 237208 02-08-18 13:26:24
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