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Fort McMurry Fire - Hope everyone is safe

While Indian Government is trying hard to control the Wildfire in India, news came in for the Fort McMurray fire that required entire city to be evacuated.

The entire population of the Canadian oil city of Fort McMurray was evacuated overnight as authorities battled an out-of-control wildfire that was likely to worsen again Wednesday.

There were long lines on highways out of the city of 61,000 people as frantic residents fled the blaze, and oilsands work camps were pressed into service as emergency shelters.

Hope everyone is safe there. It has a substantial Desi population.

The way it looks, it might takes years for the city to be back to normal.

Let's pray for the early recovery.

A Proud Indian Canadian

Garvo Gujarati
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Post ID: 231275 04-05-16 08:49:26
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Full House
Senior Desi
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With the Oil Industry in the doldrums, I feel that most of them who are without a job will collect the proceeds and move out to greener pastures. No doubt that they will rebuild the same, but without a large amount of them returning back. Nevertheless the town will get rebuilt and newer people will move in to replace them.

Every year we have thousands of acres of Forest Fires here in Canada. Everybody talks about it and so does the weather man and also the Forest rangers, with the New Drone Technology in place I don't see the Government trying to use this advance systems to their advantage, but will spend Millions and Billions on fire fighting and rebuilding. Looks like Construction for Destruction.

I can't buy One tree for X-mas, but we all are paying for the Millions. What a paradox.

The luckiest part of this fire is there are NO casualties. Kudos Fort McMurray. My hats off to the Fire Fighters also.


Post ID: 231280 05-05-16 07:14:59
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Senior Desi
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Good oppertunity
My hear goes out to the 80,000 people who were evacuvated. $ 1250 for the adults and $ 500 for children have been given.

As a Desi, I find a tremendous oppertunity for job creation in the days to come. Oil infrastructure has been largly left untouched. Once oil comes in the $ 50 range, oil prospects will boom. There will be massive reconstruction which will create a lot many easy jobs. Natives of the region will still hold prime jobs but there will also open up associate jobs with $ 100K annual salary that we Desi's can take.

I expect 2017 to be the Year of the Fort MacMurray.


I am a Gents and not a Ladies.

Post ID: 231321 09-05-16 08:59:01
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