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IT Contractors - Is Liability Insurance required

IT Contractors - Is Liability Insurance required

Recently I had been approached by one of the popular IT contracting company who insisted that I take a Liability Insurance ($20 a month) to cover mistakes and accidents at work.
Never did this before in these many years of contracting.
Any body did this before ?

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This is very common in health care & medical personal care profession like Doctors, Dentist, Nurses, physiotherapist to cover for malpractice lawsuit .
Very rare and uncommon in other fields for individuals.

This is something the IT contracting company should cover, but they seem to be passing the cost to you. But depending on the money you make with them and the length of contract, you might as well go for it. $20 is pocket change for IT guys, not even half an hour pay for most. So its better to look at the big picture.

Post ID: 232922 13-10-16 19:55:01
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