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  Canada Immigration Forum > General > General > TRUMP & MODI VERSUS TRUDEAU
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Whom do you want to Vote & Support ?

Modi : Make in India!

Trump Made in America!

Trudeau: Make in Mexico!

Hope we don't take bribes like family immigration or more CCTB and export our jobs abroad in the name of TPP.

Let us make Canada Great Again!.

Hope Kevin O'Leary has a shot at the top job.

No more Drama Teachers at Ottawa.

Sunny Leone a true Canadian DESI now back in India !.


Senior Desi
Member since: Nov 08
Posts: 1446
Location: Sunny - Leone

Post ID: 233818 28-01-17 14:55:48
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Garvo GujaratiMember of Administrators
Member since: Nov 01

Posts: 3082

Most of the world is going Right. Too much of liberalization, to much of globalization. And obviously one could be generous to others, but first and foremost countries own citizens should be taken care off.

That is the precise reason why even after having so many flaws, Trump won. Obama and Hillary were too liberal, leftists and ignored the true while collared, hardworking tax paying individuals to support, immigrants, refugees, red-necks, homeless, the list goes on.

Our Trudeau is no different. Unfortunately Canada's Conservative party is vison-less and so I don't see an immediate threat to Trudeau.

A Proud Indian Canadian

Post ID: 233977 13-02-17 11:00:58
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