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15% tax on home purchases by non-resident foreigners in GTA area...

Ontario slaps 15% tax on foreign buyers, expands rent control in 16-point plan to cool housing market in GTA.

Ontario announced a slew of measures including a tax on foreign buyers and expanded rent control as part of a plan to temper escalating home prices in Toronto.

Is this implement really helps to slow down GTA soaring housing market??


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Senior Desi
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This made an impact in the Lower Mainland (BC) Vancouver last year when it was implemented. Slowed down the market and prices didn't go as up as were expected. Also stopped the crazy bidding wars. Not sure, how would it turn out in the GTA. Time will only tell.

But, we also have this lately, despite of the Foreign Buyer tax:

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You got to love how the government grab any opportunity to tax and tax some more. I think they are making this issue more complicated than what it is. Supply and demand - Econ 101. Build baby build. Hey let's make this complex problem so everyone smile while we tax. Not many average foreigners can afford a house in GTA. 15% more? No problem for Chinese ministers, Gulf Emirs or Russian oligarchs.


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Post ID: 234699 23-04-17 13:24:04
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