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  Canada Immigration Forum > About Canada > Jobs > Available > Apply for WELFARE as soon as you land in Canada if you are an Immigrant.
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Apply for WELFARE as soon as you land in Canada if you are an Immigrant.

Senior Desi
Member since: Apr 05

Posts: 1014

Few colleges and univ are low cost (free for certain class)for legal resident and someone from a family can start some kind of job oriented courses.

Post ID: 236104 04-10-17 15:12:01
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Junior Desi
Member since: Aug 15

Posts: 45

I dont know how people look at this thing [Living and Working in Canada]. I feel blessed if I can get fresh air, clean water [hot & cold, which is a luxury], less pollution, an opportunity to make a living, live with family in a peaceful environment far from the hullabaloo of communal tension, religious insanity, strikes/bands/disruptions, and jealousies/hate of people.

An opportunity to make a living is all I care; I dont mind the kind of job. Over all these years in North America, I have done various kinds of jobs, the key is to keep working and NOT think the kind of work one is doing. This mindset of classifying jobs is truly Desi where we respect an Officer who takes bribes but we look down upon laborers who scorch in hot temperatures doing real hard work.

In my view there is honor in every honest work. Nevertheless, everyone has their own way of looking at the World.

Post ID: 236105 04-10-17 17:05:43
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Junior Desi
Member since: Dec 06

Posts: 21

Welcome to tamilkuravan and hope we can get good suggestions and tips from him as always. It is no good to know that he is unemployed now in India but it is same with most of us when someone go back to India after working in Canada.
It is better to apply for benefit if you are unemployed in Canada but Service Canada would ask for 900 hours completed in any job and you have to show them proof in form of ROE or Record of Employer.

Post ID: 236108 05-10-17 13:17:29
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Senior Desi
Member since: Sep 17

Posts: 236

I guess, when you get NO job in Canada & NO work in Canada, due to racism & discrimination, you have NO choice but to go on welfare.

You have spent thousands of dollars in coming to Canada & day by day your savings are dwindling, so no harm in applying for welfare & breaking even.

You can always go back after you break even. At least it didn't cost you anything to come here, and you learnt a valuable lesson in life, that the grass is not always green on the other side. Sometimes there is cold white snow, not greenery.

Post ID: 236135 11-10-17 12:47:41
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