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Champion's Trophy !!

Mr V Kohli n Ms Anushka Sharma

How much money did you receive for fixing Champion's Trophy ?


Please do following:

Please Quit Cricket, Its the right thing to do. You are not worth it.
Please give up Indian Citizenship I am sure there many "Friendly" countries in the world who would love to have you as their citizen
I do understand Cricket is a game of chance, but this match in particular was not played as a Gentleman sport


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Senior Desi
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kohli - i dont like him

But he is good player... just keep him as batsman ,,, he is not suitable for captaincy

Sachin with his patience could not handled captaincy , how can kohli will able to handle it...

Focus should be only for kohli to bat any other burden will affect him...

Kohli has to BAT, Manage team, get into selection, Also his busy with advertise and most important Anuska :) :) :) - how much a Man can handle ..

joke a part : We should stop treating our cricketer as GOD, they get too much attentions...

India won hockey no body cheers for that , we all talk about cricket only...

'Some goals are so worthy, it's glorious even to fail.' (Param Vir Chakra awardee Lt. Manoj Pandey)

Post ID: 235260 19-06-17 11:59:27
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