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Best place to see in Quebec

Hi Guys,

I'm planning trip from Toronto to Quebec.What will be the best place to see in Quebec?



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It will take you back to the good old days of horse & buggies and cobble stones.

The history of Canada is no more than 500 years. It was from a time period when the PILGRIMS all landed on this virgin soil by boats. Believe me, all those boats were seaworthy but nothing to boast about. So, when they landed they all were very eager to get started in a new country and what they had in mind was nothing more than where they all were originally from. So, it was nothing but natural to reproduce the same sceneries that they were used to. So what you will see is part of Paris and surroundings. Nostalgic but in newer surroundings.

There are 1029 pictures in the link and they are very slow to load. Please see them and get to know them also. I have been there a couple of times and I have not gotten over them and they are still fresh in my mind. To select just a few out of them to drop in and visit, I will have to prioritize them, which is difficult. So, do take a good camera and click it away as you progress along your visit to quebec and depending upon the duration, just get to know them and if in the future you ever get to return, complete another section and add it to your collection and to your memories.

It was where they all fought the wars trying to establish their footing here, but surrendered peacefully to co-exist and start newer settlements on a new continent. They also found that there was enough here for both the nations and then some. (we are all of the 'THEN SOMES'.)

It was a seat of culture and as time progressed, they all found a place for themselves. You will know how grandly that they all expanded when you visit the old section by foot and hit the top of the citadel and the Chateau Frontenac. The view is breath taking in pictures and imagine what it will be to see it in person.

Then there are a lot of newer constructions which just portrays the current systems of construction and how well they all have put it together and made them blend to suit the current days. Some times you feel that they want to live or go back to the old days. Some of their Cathedrals and churches will take you to their heaven's door. They treated their new borns and the dead too with equal dignity within these places and it is really note worthy of their culture. Also it is great to know that they never let go of their beliefs nor their places of worship, even when the hard times hit their bread baskets.

If you have specific choice in your culinary delights, then select a place or two and take a break in between your tour. Don't be surprised or find the quality is lacking when your order hits your table. The food at the franchises are of standard quality and you will not be disappointed at these places. If you are connoisseur of wines, that is the place to be and open up your wallet and pop off the corks. They will cater to your needs and they also know how to treat a tourist.

Enjoy the tour and there is lots to see. Take it as it comes.

Originally posted by jbcanada

Hi Guys,

I'm planning trip from Toronto to Quebec.What will be the best place to see in Quebec?


Post ID: 235527 09-07-17 14:16:19
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