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In US on visitor visa, applying for visitor visa to Canada


I have a question and need some help with it. My uncle is visiting me here in USA and has come from India. He wants to visit Canada and I'm willing to apply for his Canadian visitor visa. The question is, because of his time there's a chance that he can't go to Canada. If he gets multiple entry visa for few years, does he need to to visit canada during first 6 months to maintain the validity of the visitor visa he gets for Canada?



Junior Desi
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Senior Desi
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No. Once he receives his visa to Canada, he can enter anytime within the validity of the visa until the last day of the validity. Or, he can simply not enter at all. Will not make a difference. Just bear in mind, it takes a month or a bit more than that to get the visa.

Post ID: 235573 13-07-17 14:32:01
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Senior Desi
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Originally posted by dimple2001

Just bear in mind, it takes a month or a bit more than that to get the visa.

As an FYI, these days it's been taking them around 6 to 8 weeks just to look at the file. Mind you that was from NY, timings may differ from a different location.

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Post ID: 235583 14-07-17 12:48:31
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My sister got her Multiple Entry visa in just a week. She filed in Delhi.

Post ID: 235584 14-07-17 14:53:58
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Senior Desi
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Canadian visitor visa processing time from New Delhi, as of July 14, 2017 - 24 days.
A Delhite in Toronto

Post ID: 235585 14-07-17 15:12:16
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