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Advice: Non declared funds in India

Full House
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You are asking him to do an act of crime. Would you like to show your true identity and come out in the open and tell it to the public?

I bet not. You are hiding behind a pen name Pendse. Where will you be when he finds himself into deep shit?

Originally posted by pendse

Let sleeping dogs lie.

Don't go out of the way and open a can of worms by filing some stupid amendment for previous years with CRA. What they don't know, won't hurt them or you. Ignorance is bliss.

You think CRA is your friend ? You think CRA is going to reward you for your honesty, if you go out of the way and tell them something they don't know or won't find out ? You think they will give you a medal or something ?

They will be on your ass and hound you, if you take the advice of some uneducated people and go out of the way & try to be too honest.

Don't unnecessarily poke the bear in the eye. CRA loves to prey on Immigrants like you, so don't give them that opportunity.

CRA employs mostly racist White people. Like all government jobs they have good pensions & salaries & unions for their White workers. They mostly hire their own White people in CRA, due to racism, discrimination & nepotism.

They do have that token black, brown & Chinese guy to prove that they are not racist, but 95 % of the staff is white over there.

You think they are going to care about a brown Desi like you ?

Right now I am telling you its going to be your worst nightmare if you go back and try to do some stupid amendment to your taxes. Its not as easy as it sounds. Its going to cost you lot of stress, money, time & energy to do this amendment nonsense, plus CRA will be on your ass after that.

Your choice.

Edit : Personal insults removed

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To Pendse

Not to get into any personal flames , but Pendse your truth is just your truth. Your own personal window to life . It may suck but that does not mean you wash your dirty linen in public and tell other people that it is the universal truth . It is just your truth ..

Please try and help people and give the correct advise. What happens after that and how life or Canada/USA treats them and how they take a decision is not under your control ..

When I was in Canada I did not have any issues and when I moved to USA , I still do not have any issues. It is wrong to assume that all Canadians are poor and all Americans are rich because of Taxes ..

Hope this helps

We will find a way or we will make one

Post ID: 236053 20-09-17 12:02:19
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